Don’t ask for price

Having a Rolex is a prestigious thing to have, no matter how old you are. Picking one out for yourself or for someone you love should be a careful process, because you have a lot of options. It is not the most famous watch brand for no reason. Rolex makes the best luxury watches in the whole world. You may think that a watch isn’t necessary in a time when everyone can just pull their phone out of their pocket to check the time, but a Rolex is so much more than just a watch.

This particular Rolex is truly one of a kind. It was worn by actor George Lazenby in the “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (1969) James Bond film. It is going to be auctioned by house Artcurial (a French auction house) in Monte-Carlo. Out of all the places in the world this seems like a the appropriate one to auction of a James Bond watch.

The watch in question is a stainless steel Rolex Chronograph wristwatch. After all Ian Fleming did write in his novels that the famous spy wears a Rolex. The watch has a beautiful round case and a silver dial with luminescent hands and dots.

In the film George Lazenby wears the Rolex Chronograph 6238 while he plays a Bond as a undercover genealogist. He goes to the Swiss Alps to an institute to discover what is really happening with the Blofeld’s allergy research. The red seconds hand was supposed to be a compass guide in the film. When the filming was finished the production accountant bought the watch and it was resold only in 2003. So if anyone wants to feel like the famous spy owning a watch like this is an excellent opportunity.

Georges-Lazenby-Rolex-Pre-Daytona-Ref.-6238-from-James-Bond-007- (1)

Georges-Lazenby-Rolex-Pre-Daytona-Ref.-6238-from-James-Bond-007- (2)

Georges-Lazenby-Rolex-Pre-Daytona-Ref.-6238-from-James-Bond-007- (3)