Wearable technology is something that has been on the rise in the recent years. From fashion accessories to watches, we are seeing more and more technology being incorporated into everyday objects. Right now we have a competition going on with different companies putting out products on the market every day and, of course, each product comes with advantages and disadvantages. Finding the right product for your needs is the key.

Garmin has just made a very stylish looking and attractive wearable watch, and that certainly gives it edge over the competition. Garmin has a lot more experience in the department of sport watches over Apple for example and they are doing a better a job in this field. Garmin even made their first smartwatches before Apple!

The Fenix Chronos luxury smartwatch comes in three models. The case is thinner than the one of the Fenix 3 HR model. The first option is the titanium one and it really stands out. The other two are steel. The great thing about this is that you can choose between different band options. The offer vintage leather, brushed stainless steel and brushed titanium. A difficult choice because they all look really amazing. And for the price of around $1000 it cannot get better than this (titanium is really expansive, but the I bet you can’t scratch it!)

Garmin is conscious of their customers needs, especially when it comes to sport watches. Because of that, they have made a silicone bracelet that you can use during your workout. The Fenix Chronos has a wrist-based heart rate monitor, so another great thing for any sport activity you prefer. The 1.2-inch Chrona Display works really well in any type of lighting, especially bright sunlight. The battery can last you for about 25 hours, being probably better than your smartphone. You’re also going to stay comfortable during your workout because the metal casing is not directly touching your skin as they have made s polymer strap inside of the band.

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