As someone on the go, I love the messenger bag. I use one every day. For the past several weeks, I’ve been sporting The Cargo by Waterfield and loved every moment. Let’s start with some visuals:

WaterField SFBags Messenger Bag WaterField SFBags Messenger Bag

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Size is an important factor with the messenger bag. Getting it perfect is tough. On the one hand, you need it to be able to hold all your things, but then again, you don’t want it overloaded and looking bulky. I found the Cargo almost perfect. Big enough to carry my essentials: laptop, charger cable, notebook, water bottle, but still looking humbly stylish by my side. The only negative thing I could say is that sometimes larger objects don’t fit or are awkwardly squished within the constraining walls of the bag. Overall, perfect for the modern techie on the prowl. Score: 8/10


The exterior of the bad is made from high quality leather and you can really feel it. It has a smooth leathery touch to it which feels like could stand some wear and tear. I’ve been using it for the past several weeks, including a few business trips and from the looks of it, can easily could last a few years of wear. Awesome job here. Score: 9/10


The inside of the messenger bag is pretty simple. You got the main compartment, which has a padded back for the laptop, an important one for me (my Mac is my life). Then you have the secondary area located behind the front flap, which I usually use for sunglasses and some papers. Then you have the front pocket, where I keep all the stuff I need on hand like business cards and headphones. Overall they did a nice job of splitting the space without pocket overload. Score: 8/10

WaterField SFBags Messenger Bag


A bit subjective, but I’ve been looking for a bag that has the perfect ratio of modernism and style. At first I wasn’t sure the brown on black colors would work, but I got to say, it’s definitely pulling it off. I’ve gotten several compliments on the bag, which is awesome. But then again, I get complimented often anyways 😉 Score: 8/10

WaterField SFBags Messenger Bag

Where to buy? The Cargo bag is sold at WaterFields at $350. Purchase