Keeping up the sturdy product streak, we’re next looking at wallets. Already at its second version, the successful Kickstarter based APEX 2.0 wallet is back in action. The wallet retains all the good parts of its predecessor while adding something of its own.

It’s durable, that’s for sure. The two parts of the case are machined from a solid block of aluminum. APEX 2.0 comes with a dual quick-draw thumb slot and a sturdy card clip. Although you can easily access cards from both sides, the RFID protection makes sure no one else can.

Usually, elastic elements such as cords or bands tend to wear in time. However, since it’s made only of metal, APEX 2.0 wallet boasts a lifetime warranty. You won’t change it because it got worn. Also, given its sleek, minimalistic look, you won’t either because it got boring.

You are able to fit up to 8 cards within the wallet. That’s not a guarantee though – cards tend to differ in thickness, so you might be one short form the count. Even so, there’s plenty of room available.

There’s hardly anything that could go wrong with this wallet. However, the lifetime warranty promises a free of charge repair or replace in case of malfunction. You can back this project on Kickstarter for $30.