Men, it is time for your hair to do the talking. A new year is upon us, and with it, some cool new hairstyle that will only up your style game. Short is in. No more ponytails and buns for the testosterone carriers. Here are some of the coolest cuts you can request at your neighbourhood barbershop:

Short Hair + Side Fade

This has become the de-facto style for men all around the globe. One reason being that it is a simple tweak on your existing style. Just a bit off the top and a smooth fade on the sides: Smart, handsome, and rugged all rolled into one.

The Crew + Fade

An ode to the toughest we know – Army Men. It is all about being macho. If you are fit, or have a have decently body, the crew will accentuate your rugged masculinity. The cut works well with square and oval faces. Go for the crew only when you have grown up from a boy to a man.


Ideal for those who still love their locks, maybe a little too much. The top will resemble an Elvis-style quiff for you to shape. The sides will fade all the way down to the neck. This is a statement style that says,  Come look at me.  

The Neat Buzz

Now this is the ultimate low maintenance cut that also ranks high on the style meter. You probably don’t need even a hairdresser for this. Just a smooth buzz with a hair clipper all around will do the trick. Best to sport it with a beard.