The New Age Athletic Shoe

How many reading this article are a huge fan of hospital socks? Those socks that double both as socks, and slippers? the comfort and softness of socks combined with the support of slippers. What if I told you that someone took it a step further and added the support, usefulness, and comfort of an Athletic Shoe?

As it turns out, that crazy dream has finally arrived thanks to the company Skinners! A company that is relatively new on the map, they recently developed the product based on the need for a smart, quick, and affordable alternative to carrying a smelly pair of Athletic Shoes with you all the time.

Skinners Athletic Socks are built with dual polymer waterproof plastic and feature an odor-resistant lycra infused upper that make them capable for use as a solid alternative for camping shoes, slippers, yoga or exercise shoes. It also gets rid of the necessity to drag around those shoes smelling up their gym bags. Instead of that, simply take off the socks when you’re done with them, throw them in the washer and take it off your mind.

Now unfortunately, they aren’t on sale yet for public purchase. But they do plan on lunching a kickstarter campaign soon, but their website is up for the moment. They even have a deal running on their facebook page for early purchase. So instead of spending a huge amount of money repairing and maintain and purchasing new athletic shoes, consider the newly developed alternative. A sock that can be used for all your athletic workout needs and get back to work at a much quicker pace!