Just because summer and estival season are almost over doesn’t mean that you should not think ahead and get yourself a new backpack for the (school) period. Or maybe you are planning to take a trip to the woods this fall, or do a bit of camping with your friends. Either way the Premji Waterproof Backpack is the backpack that will suit your needs.

Ethnotek is on a mission to bring us amazing looking backpacks with hand-made textiles from around the world. They have artisans from Ghana, India, Guatemala and Indonesia which are making different ethnic patterns.

As Ethnotek says: „This is more than a travel and a laptop bag, this is a product that celebrates different cultures and their heritage and keeps the art of handmade textiles alive and thriving.” The fabrics from Ghana, for example, are block painted by hand. And the fabrics from Guatemala are hand loomed and this keeps the local Mayan culture very much alive.

The designers say that they looked back on their years of travel and wanted to make a backpack that looks good in those situations and that you actually want to carry, be it on a train or on a beach somewhere.

The Premji backpack comes in six different patterns and colour schemes. It has a strap attachment, reflective webbing, front pocket with built-in organizer and many other things that come in handy when you are traveling. The backpack is compatible with laptops smaller than 15″, so make sure yours is not bigger than this if you are considering buying the backpack. As the title says, it is also waterproof.
So if you are looking for a stylish backpack and you want to know that you are helping communities somewhere else in the world then order one of the six Premji backpack models.