The issue with riding a motorcycle is the fact that it makes it quite hard to carry luggage. Motorcycles are slim and small for the reason of getting where you need to quickly. So if you’re facing the issue of trying to move things on a bike, what do you do? You adapt.

Many bikers have taken to wearing backpacks as they ride. While smart and convenient, it’s difficult to find a bag that is versatile enough for your needs. The Paleton Asphalt, designed by Life Behind Bars, aims to help solve this problem. Life Behind Bars is a company that is all about helping motorcycle enthusiasts solve their problems. So when they teamed up with Thrive Motorcycle, only a genius build like this would be the result.

This intelligently designed motorcycle inspired backpack is to help bikers travel light, yet efficient. With each pocket built for a specific purpose, it’s easy to see why it’s difficult to keep it in stock. The very fabric and stitching of the backpack is to used to prevent water from seeping in! This solid pack is perfect for if you find yourself in the midst of a rainstorm or snow shower.

Also, the bag is perfect for secrecy. Anyone who’s a biker knows the frustrations of biking with stuff in your pockets. If your pants are tight, anything in your pockets digs into your legs. The incognito pocket is perfect to hold those necessary items in a secure location. , the laptop case is an amazing addition. In addition, the laptop pocket is subtle, and useful as all get out!

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