The size of shirt collars just seems to have been getting ridiculously larger by the year. Is this a trend we are missing out on?

Shirt sizes remain large. similarly to pants and suits We’re now getting more specific. Owning a stylish button-up shirt is not enough; your collar must also be stylish.

Oversized things just seem to be haunting the fashion world. While there are people out there annoying their tailors about long sleeves, others choose to have their shirts oversized on purpose.

But it’s important to note that embracing the jumbo collar isn’t as easy as going up a size in the shirts you already have.

The collars in question here aren’t those hideous cutaway joints. They are not only large, but also strange, long, and pointed, the exact reverse of the sleek, pipsqueak-like forms. Personally, I believe it gives off vampire vibes. Kind of like a Dracula cosplay situation.

But somehow even though it can come across as ominous a lot of celebrities still pull it off quite well. It can also similarly look cartoonish giving the wearer an animated vibe which is not always a bad thing.

It seems that from oversized hoodies, cargo pants, and dresses it was the time for something even classier to shine.

If you still find it difficult to comprehend the idea of valuing a shirt just for the size of its collar, picture yourself commanding your design team in an agitated Parisian atelier about the dimensions of the chemises for the upcoming season.

As a lot of people say “the bigger the better”. It seems that this style just came into the light and will not die down easily. So no matter how uncomfortable it makes you get ready to see it a lot amongst Hollywood celebrities. And who knows? Maybe you will start rocking that style too.


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