Usually, it’s your dog who munches on your beloved sneakers. However, chef Yujia Hu might make you compete with your furry pal on the matter. And no, there’s no weird hypnosis to make you munch on suede. In fact, magic is done with sushi. But, how exactly?

Edible sneakers. Basically, the instagram star and chef Yujia Hu made use of seaweed, rice and fish to recreate some iconic silhouettes. Using a lot of skill and employing passion, Yujia Hu made replicas of Air Jordan 1, Yeezy Boost 350 and NMD silhouettes. The best part is, they are fully edible.

This is not the first time we are seeing edible sneakers from the chef. In fact, before switching to sushi shoes, Hu used to create edible sports figures like Michael Jordan. The resemblance is uncanny, if MJ was an asian dude. No offence there, dear Yujia, we bet your projects are at least twice as tasty as they look.

Check out Yujia Hu instagram for more awesome sushi projects.