Since their introduction to the community back in 1894, the Burton Pocket Transit has been a staple of the industry. What industry is that exactly? Why, geology of course! The Pocket Transit, named after famed Geologist D.W. Brunton has been a tool that becomes essential to anyone needing directions. However, while this tool indeed had a compass, it can do so much more then just give directions.

Brunton Compasses are good for a variety of uses. They can help taking a bearing of your location, it can help you discover points of elevation, measuring the strike and dip of a landmass and more! Essentially, its a tool to help you achieve the premise of many of the other tools in geology without carrying 50 tools in one.

One of the biggest additions to the original design to the piece is the rotational piece on the back. The rotating piece is what gives you capabilities that far exceed the original tool. Alongside the obvious ability of measuring strike and dip, it also gives you every other measurement you’ll need to do your job. Also, That one adjustment drastically increases the accuracy of the readings you get! So it’s a tool that’s usefulness far outweighs its initial value.

When you invest in a piece like this, you expect durability. The compass is built to be completely waterproof. Also, its been built from an Aluminum based metal. So you get the durability you need with a lightweight piece. If your searching for the next instrument to help aid you in your Geological journey, look no further!

download Transit__U3A3094_Front_Cover Axis Transit 2