Similar to the Eldredge knot, the Trinity tie knot is a relatively new invention. The completed knot has a Celtic Triquetra knot-like appearance. This knot is done loosely at first and then pulled tight at the end to later then reveal the amazing shape it has to offer. The Trinity knot has a circular, slightly asymmetrical form and is visually appealing. With a tie knot like this, there is no way you can go unnoticed. your tie will be a great conversation starter and also the perfect accessory.

A brief history


Given its complicated history, deciphering Trinity Knot’s origins is tricky. But was definitely established around the same time as the Eldredge knot. Similarly, it is used to spice up your tie style. The symbol from the tie on the other hand is an old symbol. The symbol was used by ancient craftspeople. But the shape was so appealing to look at that the tie style was just a perfect combo.

The steps


The following steps might be complicated and hard to follow. But with the right determination and confidence, you too can wear this stylish tie knot.

  • Begin by tying the knot with the broad end on the left and the little end on the right. The broad end’s tip should lay on top of your belt buckle. Only the active small end should be moved.
  • To the left, over the wide end.
  • From underneath, up into the neck loop.
  • To the left, in the downwards direction.
  • To the right, around the rear of the broad end.
  • In the direction of the neck loop, up to the center.
  • Down to the left, via the neck loop.
  • To the right, across the wide end. From underneath, up into the neck loop.
  • Continue down the loop you made in the previous step. Maintain a relaxed attitude.
  • To the right, wrap the little end around the back of the broad end.
  • Bring it across the front, through the loop you made in the previous step, and into the middle.
  • Tighten and tuck the remaining tiny end behind the left side neck loop.
  • You are done! You get to wear the  Trinity tie knot with style.

Another Approach

Sometimes reading steps is hard to follow. Other times it is just not for everyone. If it was hard to follow and you are more of a visual learner I advise you to follow a YouTube video. It is just as effective and helpful. Hopefully, we have hooked you on this new way to style your tie!

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