Sometimes, in order to bring out the nobility and style of a product, you have to make it simple. That’s clearly the mindset behind the newest timepiece produced by Henry & Ashe. As a result of the success of their first watch, the company is creating a second piece. It is slim, stylish and affordable. The end result is the Newfield.

This minimalist inspired watch is built for simplicities sake. With a solid case back and quick release bands, is gives you the ability to change bands easily without worrying about bulk or frustration. Even the case is thin, at only 9mm thick and a 40mm diameter, the versatile watches are made to go with any outfit.

On top of that, they’ve made the watch an honest price. According to the website, many watch sellers upcharge their prices up to 300% more than the original cost. However, Henry & Ashe doesn’t go through retailers, they ship their product directly to you. So instead of a ridiculous cost, the company is making this piece available for the simple cost of $159.99.