Menswear has developed so much in recent years (we’re looking at you, Harry Styles), yet some details define essential clothing pieces and help make you the best fashion choices.

One of them is necklines. They may come in and out of fashion, and one might be trending today and another tomorrow, but if you want to look stylish and put together, you should get familiar with the fundaments.

So let’s explore the different necklines in menswear.


The most common neckline for t-shirts, jumpers and sweaters is, without a doubt, a crewneck.

It’s a circular neckline that has gotten its name from the sailors! Yes, it was the favorite collar of the ship crews, hence the name crewneck.

The crewneck is an absolute staple and a must-have for any guy, and you can create such classic Marlon Brando-inspired looks like a white tee and blue jeans.

We recommend making the crewneck your dominant neckline for many versatile styles.

Mens necklineV-Neck

The second most popular neckline is probably the V-neck. It may be a little controversial due to the ghastly V-necks of the early 2000s, but it’s actually amazing if you choose the right V length and shape (not deeper than 4 inches!).

The V-neck tees make you look more put together and make a fantastic layering piece, and V-neck sweaters are the ultimate winter and autumn look.

You can buy v necks online at and get a few of these garments so that you always have options!


If the V-neck was ruling in the early aughts, the Henley has lived its peak through the 2010s. And we totally see why! This neckline has a unique charm and is perfect for your casual looks.

The little plack with buttons down your neck adds a mystique level and looks super sexy.

Henleys are also the ultimate preppy style choice, and if you opt for a tighter version, it will help you show off those guns (you’re going to the gym for a reason, aren’t you).

This neckline might not work well with blazers, but it’s very versatile otherwise.

Boatneck and scoopneck

These two necklines are tricky because they take a certain physique and occasion to work.

Boatnecks are scoop necks that are pretty wide and deep, showing off quite a bit of your chest. These are strictly casual and work best for your holidays or lounging around the house.

These tees are a great way to experiment and try different looks!


A polo, tennis, golf, and chukker shirt – so many names to describe this traditional neckline!

It’s something between a shirt and a t-shirt and a perfect choice when you want to look smart casual. Classic polo shirts have a seamless button placket and a small side slit and are loved by guys at the golf or country club.

We love this neckline for days you want to feel comfortable yet still are looking for a touch of elegance.

Shirt collars

We can’t leave you without talking about classic button-down shirt collars for a little.

In case you haven’t noticed, there are quite a few of those, and it’s up to you to experiment and figure out which works best for you!

Here are a few most popular styles.

  • Point collar is the most common and traditional collar style where the collar points look closer to each other and elongate the face.
  • Button-sown Collar is secured to the shirt by small buttons on both sides.
  • Tab collar pulls the collar tips closer together while also lifting the knot of your tie in the perfect place.
  • Wing collar is the collar you want for your black-tie dress code. Always wear it with a tuxedo.


Turtlenecks cover all your neck and also can be rolled down to the collarbone. The most common turtlenecks are knitted, but you can find cotton ones too.

These are ideal for formal wear and the cooler seasons, so you can use it in different situations.