Slide Belt

Good With Any Fashion Style, Better in the Wild

Your a man, and a man needs manly things in order to go about his life being manly. You need to be prepared for anything. After all when is the next crazy action movie like sequence is going to happen? What happens if your dropped in the wilderness to survive on your own with nothing but the clothes you have on now? What pieces of clothing could help you survive, maybe your belt?

Be proactive, and pick yourself up a Slidebelt Survival belt, a survival tool that won’t just give you a leg up in the wilderness, it’ll help you conquer it! The unique design of the belt turns the buckle into it’s own multi-tool kit. Giving you access to an aluminum LED flashlight, a unique multi-tool including a knife, and a flame starter in the case that you need to start a fire!

The tools themselves are integrated into the underside of the buckle, hiding it in a unique way that no one would think to look under there, so your secret is safe, and even the belt itself is made of a high quality polyester designed to remain taught and not give under pressure. It also includes a bottle opener, which is always useful while opening  drinks of the manly variety.

But most important is the design of the belt. It comes in four different shades, and is easily adapted into just about any fashion statement. So you can be sure that if you have to go all gentleman spy during a wedding, your belt gives you an upper hand in the outcome regardless of what it is.