Vianney Halter. A name that connoisseurs recognise and the rest of us wish to possess. Halter has made some of the most innovative wrist watches for men. And the good news is that he is back with a bold, new design. 

Bold Is An Understatement

Vianney Halter does not do the ordinary, which is a well established fact. The designer’s Deep Space Tourbillon was crowned at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in 2013. But his latest – the $972,000 Deep Space Resonance – puts even the Tourbillon in the shade. 

The Resonance marks a first in watch history. Neve before has any timepiece featured acoustic resonance. It has taken nearly 25 years of intense research and development to make the new masterpiece possible. And that’s why we say that bold is an understatement when it comes to the Deep Space Resonance. 

Beyond Engineering.

All you need is a first look. Instantly you realise there is something brilliant, bordering on genius, at play here. The dial features a never-before-seen triple axis mechanism. Mechanically wound, the dial offers 65 hours of perfection in time keeping. The acoustically synchronised balance wheels add glitter to the already gold-standard watch. 

Collector’s Item

Priced at nearly a million dollars, not more than two models will be handmade per year. The Deep Space Resonance is a collector’s item.