Accompanied by the M007 Maverick wallet, you will certainly feel like Bond – James Bond.

The limited edition wallet is designed to keep your precious currency and cards extremely safe from prying eyes, and more importantly, prying hands. Created from aerospace aluminium, the wallet carries an anodised Gold finish and hand polished backplate where your cards sit secure.

A tactile silicone band runs across the rear of the wallet, proving grip for your tough hands and a convenient slot to carry cash.

The aesthetics of the M007 Maverick is out and out sophisticated spy. The hard, rectangular edges and sleek, minimalist body enables you to access the wallet in the blink of an eye, and then put it away as quick.

What makes the limited-edition accessory stand out from the rest is that it does much, much more than just carry cash and cards. Like a true spy tool, the Maverick is built for multiple functions such as a seat belt cutter, a chisel, an O2 oxygen wrench, nail pryer, standard ΒΌ-inch hex wrench, and a bottle opener.

The M007 limited edition wallet unleashes your inner James Bond, transforming you from an ordinary chum to super spy in no time.