Rolex’s stand above the common rabble of time-pieces. The best way to present your ability and taste is through an amazing looking watch. Make men stand in awe and women stare with desire when you strap this watch on your wrist. When you look at this gorgeous gold and silver piece, it’ll immediately light your personality with confidence.

The Oyster (as the model is called) is armed With 18kt Gold Alloy, they are built with only the purest of metals. The black face is an uncommon feature as well, so it helps the watch stand out. The design of the bracelet is also uncommon, so it settles in a slightly different way. This thing is unique down to its finest details.

You don’t even have to remember to wind this thing each day, it winds itself so you never lose track of the time! If that isn’t a step up from conventional time keeping i don’t know what is! Pick up your oyster before it’s too late!

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