Choosing a great suit can make all the different in the world between opening doors…and closing them.

The following tips are what every man should take into consideration when it comes down to selecting the best suit to make a great impression

1) Colors and Patterns:

Unless it is the most formal of occasions, black is more than likely not the color you will need. At least not initially. When selecting a suit, the more versatile colors to decide on range from light or medium grey to light or navy blue. How many buttons? Two is the magic number

2) Know Thy Price Points:

A great suit requires a great investment, so prepare to set aside a bit more money than usual if you want a quality suit that exudes quality and will last more than a few seasons. What’s a decent amount to consider when shopping for a suit that makes the grade?

A price range between $200 to $500 ensures that just about any man can find a good to great suit if he is willing to put in the time and effort to look for the great deals.

3) Fit for a King:

Arguably the most important aspect of a great suit   is a proper fit. Every man should be willing to not only invest in money for a great suit, but also time. You will need time to try on that next great suit to add to your wardrobe. Be prepared to try on several jackets, pants, and shirts before you find a winner. Know the breaks for your legs and arms, and have that tailor you trust ready to make the necessary adjustments. Once your suit is properly fitted, you will look and feel like royalty.

At the end of the day, every man should own a great suit. The suit shouldn’t own you. So take notes, take charge, and trust His Potion to help you find it.