Just the same way an artist wishes for a clean canvas, the writer desires the ultimate pen. There are more fountain pen designs available than you could possibly count. However, reaching a state of bliss in design isn’t easy. Just making it simple does not instantly mean proper minimalism. And this is what Zero Pen is all about:¬†intricate design within the simples lines.

This pristine pen resembles a perfect cylinder when capped, almost like it has been computer generated. Zero Pen is available in anodized silver and anodized black. The outer shell is built like a plane. This means it was actually milled on CNC machines that create plane components. Furthermore, the aluminum used for Zero Pen is the same used for airplanes.

The complexity relies in the nib. Each Zero Pen colorway has three German Pen Nibs to choose from. The nibs combine swiftly with the cylinder of the pen, developing a gracious bond. Finally, watch the exquisite minimalism uncover: remove the cap and embrace your stylish weapon. Whether you like extra-fine, fine, medium or bold widths, make your choice and start writing.

Zero Pen is available on Trilogy Pens for $65.

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