Looking for an umbrella that you never have to bother keeping track of? An umbrella that you can rely on? An umbrella that you need, but not the one you have right now? Lame batman quotes aside, having a reliable umbrella can mean the difference between life and death! Well…maybe not life and death, but certainly the difference between being soaked and being dry.

So, if you are one of those people who constantly forgets or loses your umbrella, wouldn’t it be nice to have an umbrella that just wouldn’t let you lose it? Luckily, Fantastik has recently solved that very problem. They recently released their umbrella, Mr. Jonas!

What makes this umbrella so useful? Well it’s fact that it abundantly refuses to allow you to forget him. This handsome gent of a tool is actually bluetooth compatible with your smartphone. Once you download the associated app, you simply have to connect it to the smartphone and your set!

But why do you need to connect it, you ask? Simply put, if you forget to bring Jonas with you, he’ll send you a reminder as you walk out the door. Then you basically drag your guilty butt back to the place you left him and pick him up! At the same time, if you bring Jonas but forget your smartphone, he’ll vibrate and alert you the same way.

On top of that, accessing the app also connects you to the weather in your area. That way you can be sure whether you need Mr. Jonas ahead of time! An umbrella like this might cost a pretty penny at $105. Consider however, that you might spend that many on umbrellas anyways, it really isn’t a bad investment!

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