This is often a dream come true for many… imagine this being your attire to work, to parties to family luncheons, to dates…

Wouldn’t that be awesome! Yes, indeed for many men it would, but for the fashion-conscious man…it would be an endless nightmare he gets to relive again and again and again…

Wearing shirts with jeans is easy…but wearing the right shirt that not only lends comfort & style but also gains appreciation from friends, peers and onlookers is a task. One that needs a lot of work and thought… So, we thought, we jump right in and lend you a helping hand.

Here are some top jean-shirt combos you must have!!! One thing to remember keep your denims simple. Avoid the holes and the skinnies and the embellishments.

1. The Proverbial White Shirt & Jeans:

The classic look never fails and nothing says classy and suave than a crisp white shirt, with button down collar tucked into a pair of straight light-blue denims. A staple in every man’s wardrobe. You can also have it tucked out with a round-bottomed shirt and sleeves rolled back on dark denims. Teamed with a classic watch, pair of aviators if it’s sunny and sneakers, boots or boat shoes depending on the occasion. Alternatively, for a semi-winter look, opt for black jeans and a cardigan light or a dark cardigan with the collar and cuffs peeking out.

2. The Not-so-Stiff Black:

You can go casual, by getting a short-sleeved mandarin- collared, round bottom shirt tucked out on a pair of black denims. To break the monotony of an all black ensemble, team it up with a vintage watch and sneakers. For
a more formal look, you can wear a black full-sleeved shirt with a Milano soft spread or Club collar from, tucked in or tucked out on a pair of straight cut black denims and brogues. You can opt for a cotton-silk black shirt with self-embossed pattern.

3. Pastels & Linen Combo:

Light Pink and Blues round-bottom, short sleeved linen shirts tucked out on light denims for a fun day out with friends, or a fancy brunch. Team it with a classic watch or even a sporty one and light espadrilles.

4. The Fun Checks: Everyone loves the rugged, lumberjack look.

So, try one. Perfect for Autumn, tucked in or tucked out, rolled up sleeves, faded denims, boots and button-down red /maroon shirt (maybe just a button in this case) … and you’re the next handsome, rugged, Sylvester Stallone. Or go super casual with a white tee-shirt
and a full-sleeved plaid shirt in blues, red or maroon kept open on dark denims and trainers.

5. The Striped Shirt – Blazer Combo:

Solid-colored blazers in navy blue or black look good on a pair of dark denims. For a formal do team, it up with a pin-striped shirt with a spread collar and French cuffs. For a semi-formal do, replace the blazer with a sport jacket and casual stripes and smart brogues. With this, you’re ready to dazzle the world with your very own jean-shirt style quotient. Just remember to carry your dazzling personality with you.