From the dry asphalt of New York City all the way to the sand dunes of Sahara? That’s how adaptable the Tropic shoe promises to be. All this should also be achieved while looking good. Right? Because nobody wants a clunky, ugly shoe, no matter how efficient these shoes are.

According to its producers, the Tropic shoe blends the three main characteristics of a sneaker, aqua shoe and a technical shoe.  Let’s take it with a grain of salt, at least for now.


To start off, Tropic is aimed at travelers. As Tropic Co-Founder Alberto Espinós explains, the idea arrived after he destroyed a brand new pair of shoes while trekking and travelling through Thailand. 

The shoe is designed and built in close collaboration with Cosmo Fabrics, an US-based brand dealing with innovative fabrics and composites. Agion® and Combat™ are two of the patented treatments found in the Tropic shoe. These provide elasticity and durability for over a hundred hours of walking. A perforated footbed and elastic counter heel aid further in terms of comfort.

Tropic is also easy to dry. Using 3D-Mesh technology, water is forced out quickly after you finish crossing a shallow river or get out of flooded streets during a tropical rain.

The looks

Looking at the Tropic shoe from any angle, it is fair to say it looks good. While design is mostly a matter of taste, we could agree that the footwear will fit pretty much any environment, look-wise. That is, unless you plan wearing Tropic shoes for a business meeting. We wouldn’t recommend that.

Tropic shoes are available on Kickstarter (€59+) in four colorways. Earliest deliveries are estimated to mid-autumn 2018.