Between 2007 and 2015, the TV series Mad Men was a smash hit. It wasn’t only the plot that captivated the audience, but also the simple and elegant costumes that portrayed the 60s style. Maybe this is why, during that time, suit sales in the United States doubled.  So, in this article, we will have a close look at the impressive Mad Men suits and see how they can inspire our day-to-day outfits. 

The classics never die 

One thing that we can learn from this series is that the classics never die. Don Draper, the character who has the most screen time, has a well-defined style. The classic American costume is his cornerstone, being soft and generous in the chest and shoulders, but tapered at the waist to provide a more V-shaped appearance. In this way, the costume offers a masculine look. This type has been extremely popular in the 50s and 60s, being promoted by brands like Ralph Lauren. Moreover, the lapels of Don Draper are notchy and thinner, a design that was particularly popular on Madison Avenue in the 1960s. 

Don Draper

It is important to note that the Mad Men suits are characterized by various colors blended to give the appearance of a dominant one. Any pattern other than the classic pinstripe would usually be considered too informal for work in the 1960s business world. Thus, the patterns used for the suits are small and discreet.

The details make the Mad Men suits

In this series, the attention to detail is incredible. The personality of each character is highlighted by a specific item or styling. The character Roger Sterling often wears costumes formed of three pieces. The vest was added to set him apart from his subordinates who wear two-piece suits.

Roger Sterling

Another detail in his style is the way he emphasizes his neckline, using a rounded club collar and a collar pin. Another character who distinguishes himself is Don Draper with cuff links and a folded handkerchief.

Mad Men and the love for the hats

It was almost inadmissible not to have a hat as a man during those times. Thus, we can observe this aspect throughout the episodes. Don Draper often wears a variety of fedoras, carefully made. The shape of the fedora always mirrors the shape of his chin. In this way, his polished appearance is completed due to the aspect of those hats. 

Mad Men hat

Mad Men Shirts

The audience can observe one specific detail when it comes to the shirts worn in Mad Men: they are all white. Other colors of shirts were still considered too casual in the 60s. However, in his more relaxed attire, Don Draper’s shirt is almost cream and he wears his collars less precisely pressed. 

Mad Men shirt

Moreover, Don Draper wears single color ties, being in opposition to the rest of the Sterling Cooper staff who prefer patterned ties. He also starts to use tie pins, which create a more stylish look.

Mad Men suits in our days

Mad Men suits are the perfect sources of inspiration if you want to obtain that classy 60s look. Take a simple, but elegant American suit, wear a white shirt and a black tie, and don’t forget to accessorize them! Use a folded handkerchief and tie pin if you want to complete your Don Draper look.

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