The neighborhood around Fred Segal is becoming a little more familiar. The renowned shop, recognized for its high-end lifestyle products, has revealed its first in-house line, which was influenced by the various local communities that make up the enormous Los Angeles city.

The Neighborhoods Collection is a range of 22 designs that include T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and sweatpants that are entirely created in Los Angeles, from the design to the final details.

Alfredo Settimio, an Italian-born designer who has spent the previous 30 years residing in Los Angeles, was chosen late last year to create the collection.

The neighboring areas of Los Angeles served as the collection’s primary source of inspiration. Santa Monica, Mar Vista, the Mid-Wilshire neighborhood, Hollywood, Elysian Park, and Koreatown have all been used for fashion shoots.

Settimio was chosen by Jeff Lotman, chief executive officer of Fred Segal and Global Icons, for his design sense, his aptitude with washes, and his love of the Fred Segal brand. Settimio declared that he was honored to be chosen to create the first Fred Segal First Collection line.

“I have been to Fred Segal since Day One here. I used to sell my own projects to Fred Segal when I designed in Italy. Fred Segal, for me, has always been in my heart. So, I thought, ‘Of course, I will do it for you. I am honored you are asking me.’”Settimio claimed.

A variety of oversized and gender-neutral shapes are available in the new designs. The series consists of twelve colors, six of which are bright hues.

Since 1961, when a trendy businessman by the name of Fred Segal started a little shop in West Hollywood, California, offering the newest high-end blue jeans and casual California clothing, Fred Segal has been a household brand in the world of retail.

Numerous celebrities and fashion experts from across the world made it a point to visit. The shops within shops at Fred Segal were well known. And now that Fred Segal First Collection is out a lot of people get to enjoy it.

In order to license the brand and increase retail, Global Icons bought the bulk of the company’s shares in 2019. Now, Fred Segal stores may be found in Seoul, South Korea, Malibu, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.