┬áMen’s Fashion Week 2022 was transformed by Loewe into a lifeless zone where nature and animal life only existed to be manipulated and exploited by people on Saturday. Models went past robotically while bathed in hazy white light as a pure white wall dropped onto a deck.

David Beckham and son Cruz, Naomi Campbell, J Balvin, Justin Timberlake, and Jessica Biel were among the high-profile figures who attended the Dior show on Friday. It was inspired by the English countryside and paid homage to the late British painter Duncan Grant. Grant was a well-known member of the Bloomsbury Group.

Cowboys and cowgirls mixed in Casablanca’s spectacular production, which stood out for its exceedingly unconventional set. The mixed collection was displayed in front of a few fenced-off horses who gave the garments little thought and were well behaved.

Models wore television screen plates that displayed deep-sea creatures in the ocean for Loewe’s nature morte. And plasma screen visors that projected blossoming chrysanthemums. In fashion designer Jonathan Anderson’s dystopian world, the only place grass could be found was actually growing out of shoes. There, green blades quivered and fluttered surreptitiously as the automatons passed.

One menswear designer who never ceases to dazzle is British designer Craig Green. He was named a Member of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II this year for his contribution to fashion. He returned to the Paris runway on Saturday with his utilitarian-edged goods for a creative, cutting-edge take on uniforms.

The Gobelins Manufactory, a historic tapestry factory on Paris’ stylish Left Bank, had a gentle geometry and free proportions that paraded along its cobblestone streets. Simple, unassuming luxury is now linked with Hermes. This was once again demonstrated on Saturday by the seasoned menswear designer Veronique Nichanian, who has been in charge of the design for more than three decades, in a dapper and manly collection that parodied the 1980s.

In recognition of the brand’s well-known, late designer Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton turned up the volume at Men’s Fashion Week 2022. On Thursday by escorting Florida’s renowned Marching 100 band into the heart of the Louvre to launch a show for its most recent collection of vibrant menswear styles.

Givenchy’s models walked on water for the season’s first significant male collection during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. In the courtyard of the Ecole Militaire, a massive font filled with milky-white water and foaming mist served as a flowing runway where models, frequently baring their chests and wearing waterproof boots, stamped and splashed toward a blinding set light.