Frosted Tips have been popular since the early 2000s. With multiple celebrities trying this funky hairstyle out, it became the craze to have frosted tips. This trend became popular, especially among men. But did you know that frosted tips hair could be coming back in style anytime soon? Let’s review what brought them to the spotlight and how to achieve this popular look.

What are frosted tips?

This hairstyle usually refers to when a man with short hair bleaches the tips of his hair blonde. Then the hair can be styled in a spiky manner with gel thus achieving the frosted tips hair look. This style is ideal with lighter blonde hair on the tips. If you look at icicles hanging down from a surface you could see how they resemble this hairstyle.Spiked up Frosted Tips

 With the gel spiking up this hair and the ice-like bright color, you could see where the hair’s inspiration came from. To make the bleached tips stand out, dark roots are used. As time passed, the modernization of Frosted Tips rolled by too. Instead of little spikes, the same bleaching process was used yet is now styled to look like highlights instead of small spikes on the head.

How to do Frosted Tips?

There are multiple ways to get your Frosted Tips done. If you go to a professional hairstylist you will notice that they will start with a deep rinse in order to get your hair to bleach easily. Although your hair might be already clean, having it washed again removes any extra bacteria so the bleach sets in without any issues.Hair Bleaching for Frosted Tips

Depending on how dark your hair is the bleach might take more time to settle in. In order to get the perfect bleached color, multiple sessions might be necessary. The stylist would have to wet your hair and set it up in small spikes to start the styling. Afterward, bleach will be set on the tips of the spikes. As mentioned before, the desired look might not be acquired from the very start. So, the bleaching process would have to repeat. Lastly, after the bleach will be thoroughly washed out the hair will have to be fully dried using a dryer. 

Then the hair will then be combed in order to remove damaged hair from bleach and then styled in spikes with gel. If not a lot of gel will be applied, some hair spray should be set in order to keep the hairstyle fresh for a long.

Do it yourself

Getting Frosted Hair at home is not difficult either. Though it is not really recommended, if you are on a budget you could get it done yourself. The easiest way to do it yourself is to invest in a Frosted Tips cap. That cap is used to single out spikes of hair and smear bleach all over while avoiding the roots. It can be done on any hair length using this cap, but short hair is preferable to get the best results.

Frosted Cap For Men
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This cap can be easily bought online and can be used multiple times for retouches in the future. When it comes to hair dye there are a lot of box bleaches that are of high quality. They can be bought online, at the nearest market, or even from a stylist. Even though you have to be extra careful, doing it yourself is possible.

Celebrities with frosted tips along the history

Believe it or not, Frosted Hair was considered one of the coolest 90s hairstyles for men. Did you know that even though it was a known style in the 70s and 80s hairstyle for men, the 90s really brought it to life? It is said that the first to set this trend is actually Justin Timberlake in 1998. Even though Justin looks completely different then from now, he was known for his cool men’s haircuts. He wore his Frosted Tips Hair with curls.  From that day on a lot of other celebrities started pulling off the same hairstyle. Following Justin’s footsteps, you can see various celebs such as Zac Efron, Joe Jonas, and Guy Fieri. As time passed a lot of celebrities have either lost the charm of this style or it became their signature look. 90s Justin Timberlake

Singer Niall Horan rocked the frosted tips look making it look very minimalistic and it became a known fact that he wears this hairstyle. Other celebrities got made fun of the frosted tips look since they did not style it right. Such as Shaquille O’Niell’s funny look that eventually became a sensational meme. 

What’s the best type of Frosted Tips?

Over the years the Frosted Tips Hair also transitioned to a more subtle form. There are various ways you can wear that cool hairstyle. Frosted Hair can fit in the category of the Best Men’s Highlights if done accordingly. Are you more into that punk look and want the spiky old-school tips like Guy Fieri? Or do you like that icy boy band highlight like Zayn Malik? Types of Frosted Tips For men

You can even start off more subtly with one highlight and if you prefer it does the rest. Keep in mind that this could be a drastic change so a lot of thought should be put into it. Frosted Hair can definitely be pulled by every man out there. In order to find the best type of Frosted Tips for you, I suggest searching for celebrities and their frosted men’s haircuts. Then analyze who you want to resemble most with the haircut and go for it!

How often do you have to re-dye your hair?

Roots often grow up to 2 inches every 2 months if you have healthy hair. That means that the more it grows along the months the more your bleached tips will shrink making it look tacky and overgrown. In order to keep your Frosted Tips fresh and new make sure to bleach your hair every 2 months and also get a trim now and then.

Bleach can be damaging if used excessively so I recommend buying special shampoo to protect from all the chemicals implemented in your hair throughout the process. Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to keep your funky tips for as long as you want them.

How to take care of Bleached Hair?

Having bleached hair as a newbie can be tough. So, here is a what to do to take care of that Frosty look. Now that your hair is freshly bleached, wash it less often since frequent washes can ruin the hair and its protective layer completely. As mentioned before, start using special shampoo such as purple shampoo which is a blonde’s best friend. Trim your hair regularly to keep the healthy hair incoming. Also, avoid swimming pools for a while! This is because chlorine can mess up your hair’s composure even more. 

Do’s and Don’ts

 Like any cool hairstyles out there Frosted Hair has its do’s and don’ts list too. What you should do is constant after-care after achieving this look.


  •  Re-dye your hair and get constant trims.
  • Style your hair upwards.
  • Get special shampoo for hair care.
  • Use expensive bleach. 
  • Use a Frosting cap if you will do it at home. 


  • Let your hair over-grow.
  • Let your hair down.
  • Neglect your post-bleached hair.
  • Free-style your DIY Frosted Tips.
  • Use box dye.

Who is it for?

Now that you know almost everything about Frosted Tips for Men, should you get them? This hairstyle is for someone who wants to try a new, fresh, and bold statement to their hair. If you want to feel like a celebrity or even a heartthrob I recommend you get this look. If you have dark brown hair, this style will look amazing on your dark roots in contrast.Frosted Hair Zac Efron

This male haircut will also show that you know how to care for your looks since it is a moderately hard hairstyle to maintain. This will make you look fashionable and responsible which is a very attractive quality. 

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