One thing is certain about British weather: rain is always a possibility, making a British raincoat essential in anyone’s wardrobe.

What is a raincoat?

When the weather forecast predicts rain, you reach for a raincoat. Its waterproof fabric keeps you dry when you’re wearing a wool or twill-blend coat—but more on that later.

How is a Raincoat Made?

Charles Macintosh developed a method for mixing rubber with fabric in 1836, and it gets employed in the first modern raincoats. Mackintoshes or Macs are the names given to all raincoats in Great Britain and because of his inventions and most modern raincoats are influenced in some way by Macintosh’s design.

Raincoats are now available in a wide variety of fabrics and styles. An all-season raincoat with a replaceable liner can be worn in any weather. Fold ups are mainly made of vinyl and can be pleated. Raincoats constructed of vinyl or fabrics with a vinyl coating are vinyl raincoats.
Trenchcoats are often made of lightweight cotton/polyester fabric worn by men and women.


What should you look for in a raincoat?

When picking the proper cut and fabric for a raincoat, there is a lot to think about. Look for a raincoat that will become a day-to-day essential, one that will not wear out despite your tastes, as it will be a well-worn alternative throughout the winter.

At the bare least, the british raincoat should protect your body, head, and arms. If you can locate one with a detachable hood, that’s even better because it gives you more options on days when you have an umbrella or want to wear a raincoat like a regular coat.

Understand what material is ideal for your coat and what it entails before buying it. Waterproof fabric is just that: waterproof, so you’ll be safe and dry while wearing it.

How to style a raincoat

You can style a british raincoat by playing with colors or layering it with other items.

Play with colors

You don’t have to go with the standard beige color when buying a raincoat. Add a splash of color to your otherwise monochrome winter attire for a burst of energy on a gloomy day. Combine your vibrant coat with plain clothing in spotless white, ink black, or denim underneath to avoid conjuring up images of spring that are still a few months away.

Colorful Raincoats

Highland majesty

A raincoat has a distinctly British feel, owing to the abundance of rain and dreary weather that is so typical in the British Isles. Pair your raincoat with knee-high boots and a shirt and trousers set in earthy tones of moss and birch to channel your inner rustic marchioness. The appearance gets completed with the addition of a horse and a manor house.

Layering is a good idea

Layering is the key to looking put together, and your british raincoat is no exception in the winter. Add a turtleneck underneath your coat on a particularly chilly day to provide extra warmth while allowing you to leave your raincoat open without risking feeling cold in the torso. When you’re experimenting with layers and your raincoat, a neutral-colored scarf can be a fun and functional accent to add.


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