Over the years, we’ve featured numerous watches. Still, we come across new amazing designs every week. Right when you think there’s nothing that could turnaround the market, something like ZeTime pops up on crowdfunding domains. So, what’s the deal with this so-called hybrid watch?

Smartwatches can emulate the face of a classic watch on their screens. Basically, you get the dials and hour marks just like on your old mechanical model. ZeTime takes the integration a step further (or backwards, depending on your view) and puts physical dials beneath the touchscreen.

The way dials were integrated makes for an interesting story. Basically, ZeTime watches have a hole drilled right through the middle of the TFT screen. We’re not sure how was it possible, but here it is. Swiss reliability and style is mixed with a strong Gorilla-glass protected touchscreen and the full capabilities of a smartwatch.

Mechanical hands are all cool and nice, but how the hell am I supposed to read e-mails around them? According to ZeTime, you just ask them to move out of the way. Dials are CPU controlled and thus can be moved away when you are using the smart part of your watch.

ZeTime hybrid smartwatch comes in two sizes: a regular 44mm case and a smaller “Petite” 39mm. Both watches feature up to 3 days of battery life for smartwatch functions and up to a month for mechanical hands movement. In other words, ZeTime will still tick even when the watch is off or depleted. Oh, and you can also freely dip it in water!

You can get your own ZeTime for $150 on IndieGoGo.



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