Wondering what made James Bond look so stylish during its latest film outing? Let me tell you: it wasn’t just the Tom Ford jacket. Just in case you’re wondering, Daniel Craig wore a pair of Vuarnet Glacier sunglasses during the shooting of the movie.

It’s interesting to know that the French eyewear brand did not pay for product placement during the movie. However, the featuring could not have come at a better time. Vuarnet is just reissuing the vintage model for $640.

According to the French company, the reissue is there to recreate past glories. Probably the most notable event is the sponsorship of the 1984 Olympic Games held in LA.

Small brand in a $78bn industry

Unlike what you may expect, Vuarnet is a rather tiny brand, aiming at $10 million in sales. The number is just a dip into the $78 billion a year sunglasses industry. Thus, the only way to make money is to stand out through unique yet stylish products.

Lionel Giraud, CEO of Vuarnet mentions that the company aims to be „sophisticated and stylish, just like Panerai”. Panerai is one of the more exclusive Italian-Swiss watchmakers in the world.


The Vuarnet Glacier sunglasses come with a stainless steel and acetate frame. There’s also a natural leather side case which can be magnetically clipped on and off. The 54,, Polarlynx lenses aid the looks and also stand their ground during evasive maneuvers thanks to a natural leather cord.