Classical watches will never be outran by circuit boards – that’s a fact. Honestly, there is no stylish take on an electronic watch – be it smart or not. And then, there is the Swiss movement mechanisms. There lies the precision and finishing quality impossible to replicate in mass production by questionably qualified workers.

Ferro AGL is a watch from the skies. Why? Because it comes with a tachymeter. You can’t get more aviator than that. What you might not expect is to realize that Ferro AGL is a crowdfunded luxury watch. And it’s in limited edition, too! Only 500 pieces are distributed per watch style. Nevertheless, each and every one of them features the quality of Swiss watchmaking. AGL stands for Above Ground Level – a term specific to the aviation world.

The watch is available in Quartz and Automatic mechanism versions. The Quartz edition is the one to feature the tachymeter. On the other hand, Automatics boast a more modern design. However, it all boils down to your particular taste.

Design-wise, both watches are built with a stainless steel case. There’s also a third model that puts the other two in shade. Featuring a Valjoux 7750 automatic mechanism (which retails with other luxury $6000 watches), the chronograph also has a beautifully crafted see-through case.

More than 10 colorways are available for purchase, both on automatic and quartz variants. All watches are accompanied by a quality natural leather strap and metallic buckle. Check them out on Kickstarter ($282).