All stealth. All military. All Rolex. The iconic Submariner has been upgraded to a covert, tactical timepiece that will make even James Bond tinge with envy.

Pro Hunter Rolex Submariner Military Stealth

Coated in a matte finish, the all black wrist watch eschews glitter and flash style for the more understated sophistication: one that embraces its legacy without hesitation. The secret to the Pro Hunter’s stealth lies in a unique carbon finish that wraps around the case and the signature Oyster bracelet. The real upgrade, however, lies inside.

The bezel is state-of-the-art military-grade, crafted in the land of precision: Switzerland. The unidirectional bezel allows you to instantly tell the time without any distractions. The all military look is completed with the hands designed in a Retro gladiator style: a throwback to the 60s and 70s.

More Than Just Looks

This is Rolex. Not only do they design smart, sophisticated watches, they design timepieces that you can take to the depths of the ocean, the depths of the jungle, or just about anywhere you like. The Pro Hunter is no different.

At its core is embedded a brand new ref 114060 Submariner. This is topped up with an anti-reflective, anti-scratch Sapphire glass. Wear it on your wrist during a dive and it will tell accurate time even at a thousand feet.

Style. Functionality. Stealth. It doesn’t get any better than the Pro Hunter Submariner