In case you are on the lookout for a new wallet it would be wise choice¬†to take a look at the new Bellroy collection which they did in collaboration with Barneys. They are so elegantly and good designed that you will get inspired to even clean out and slim down your current wallet. They’re are simply amazing, and not many wallets can beat them.

Bellroy started selling their first wallets in 2010 and they have been doing an excellent job so far. When the owners of Bellroy were in college, they came up with the idea of slimmer wallets, and four years later they decided to do something about it. This time around they teamed up with Barneys and made a great collection. The hundred year old retail company certainly gives a level of class to this project.

There are only five color choices in the collection, but each one is made to stand out and look elegant. The first two are of course black and deep brown, and in case you want to play it safe these two are the ones you should be looking at. Next we have a wonderful ocean blue and plum – something to think about if you want your wallet to be a show stopper.
Every piece is made from tactile materials while manufactured with great precision and attention to detail. The edges are hand painted and the outside is embossed with silver foil, which goes well with any color. You can find nubuck and suede on the inside Рit just makes everything look that much more elegant and thoughtful + it will last forever. The design is sleek and simple as with any Bellroy wallet. The leather comes either in full grain or polished gloss finish, and of course, you will receive a three year quality guarantee. bellroy-barneys-oceanblue-print-07 bellroy-barneys-plum-print-08 bellroy-xo-barneys-005 tan-696e8f8ebee0d9f9560419050451e09d829c88aee124cefcf7fc01e757cd4de8