Weather-proof case or not, keeping your phone in the rain is not the best idea. Also, it gets difficult when you also need to carry an umbrella. After all, you’re trying to stay as dry as possible during nasty rain periods. How about mixing together an umbrella and the capabilities of your phone?

The Bluetooth Umbrella concept by designer Kyungjin Noh lets you talk without pulling out your phone. The umbrella wirelessly connects to your smartphone and routes incoming calls to a speaker mounted on the handle. Along with the speaker, you are also getting an answer button, volume controls, and obviously, a microphone to make yourself heard.

The best part is, all you have to do is hold your umbrella just like before, as the buttons and within the reach of your thumb. This geeky concept removes the need to fiddle with your phone and diminishes the chances of you dropping it or getting it wet.

For the moment, the Bluetooth Umbrella is just a concept, but we are anxiously waiting for a version that’s selling.