If you’re familiar with this innovation, you’d like to hear more about the updates that were brought up to this amazing “fitting anywhere” key organizer. If you’re not, all you need to know is that you can forget about carrying around that noisy cluster of keys and transform all that mess causing you trouble and which occupied a lot of space into a silent and organized stack.

The first advantage everybody will notice at its first sight is that the overall thickness of the Orbitkey 2.0 has been reduced by 2 mm, which means there’s no doubt it fits so much better in your pants then it used to. In addition, the form of the locking mechanism is now smoother so that your thumb sits nicely on the concave surface.

If the last Orbitkey had a really simple appearance, the new one had been softened and curved to avoid the beautiful leather straps while adding sophistication to the overall appearance.

As everyone thinks of the resistance of a thing before getting it, the inventors of this original and smart tool used stainless steel for the new Orbitkey, instead of aluminum used on the old one, this thing was made to last.

The new upgrade will dazzle you with its easier assembling, with its better compatibility as it’s thinner to fit more variety of keys and of course, with its cushioned leather bands as the Orbitkey is now stronger and more sophisticated than ever. Also, this freshness is a multi tool as it now carries 6 tools in one compact form.

Altogether, no more clutter, no more keys jingles, all your keys being arranged in the order you prefer, what else can you ask for? Moreover, this beautiful thing allows you to attach any larger key to the end of it. Don’t think more. It’s the change that everyone needs in their life, it’s the innovation that will make existence easier, it’s everything you need to feel well-ordered.

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