Yet another wallet? Yup. However, this one does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well. I personally carry quite a few cards around. A credit card, bus pass, and a ton of hypermarket fidelity cards I use to get discounts. Sadly, my leather wallet gets bulky when I try to stuff them all in. Neither do they fit too well and it takes some time to pull that hidden card out.

Fantom wallet solves the issue by providing a sturdy card holder. Indeed, it’s not the first card holder we’ve discussed. On the other hand, it does an awesome job, as it not only makes sure your cards stay in place. Also, Fantom wallet provides a sleek mechanism that spreads your cards like a play deck. This way, you can easily pick the one you need.

It’s all fun and cool, but what about cash? Fantom wallet provides a clip-on to hold a bank notes safely into place. The wallet is available in 3 sizes, depending on how many cards you plan to carry around.

All sizes fit comfortably in your pocket. Furthermore, the wallet acts as an RFID shield, protecting your cards from being accessed or copied. Once you click the button to fan out the cards, you can then use them to pay via tap paying. Support Fantom Wallet on Kickstarter.

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