You know what they say about proper shoes: they make the difference. No matter how well tailored your suit is, no matter how much money you put into that haircut and watch. A bad pair of shoes will pretty much ruin the whole appearance. Having a pair of quality dress shoes is a must for every man who imposes respect. Hand made products are probably the best choice, but they tend to be rather expensive.

It’s been four generations since Ace Marks is developing hand made dress shoes. The prolonged experience is translating into supreme quality. How can it get any better than getting your shoes from an Italian handcrafter? Usually, such shoes come at quite an expense. Fortunately, Ace Marks is selling $600 shoes for just $200. And this is no season sale discount – the price remains the same all the time.

Basically, you don’t need to be the owner of a Fortune 500 company to own great shoes. Ace Marks is currently offering Wingtip Oxfords, Full Brogue, Single Monk and Penny Loafers in a variety of colors. This are just the base models; there are at least another set of various designs available on their Kickstarter page. All shoes are crafted from leather or top of the line suede. This ensure the shoe will shine and won’t wrinkle over time, if cared properly.

There’s a bit of tech in the shoes, too. On one hand, the Blake Flex construction lets you move effortlessly. Furthermore, the leather outsole is highly flexible. Basically, it will bend without creating unwanted wrinkles. Finally, the cushioned leather insole will relieve main pressure points.

Check the gallery below and don’t forget to visit Ace Mark’s kickstarter campaign.