Most of the time, a 15.6″ laptop is ideal for your EDC pack. The size is large enough to comfortably watch videos and scroll Facebook, Instagram or Hispotion feeds. Also, it is usually light enough not to put a strain on your shoulder. However, most laptop backpacks are dull and bulky.

Here’s where Sac Daddy comes into play. 

There’s an open back magazine pocket, a padded back panel for extra structural rigidity and stiffness as well as a comfy shoulder strap.

The Sac Daddy is Nut Sac’s biggest bag yet, and the first one to run away from the „man-bag” design. The design came from the idea of having extra space available on demand. While for many of us, EDC stuff takes as little volume as possible, sometimes it is absolutely necessary to have the extra-room at hand.

The Sac Daddy, just as all the other Nut Sac bags are made from durable Martexin American waxed-canvas. The material ensure high wear and tear resistance while providing a classy look that goes well with a bunch of outfits. The Sac Daddy is available in two colorways: Brown and Dark Blue and also comes with lifetime guarantee. Shop one for $229.