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3-in-1 Gadget. Hand-Warming, Flashlight & Charger

If you were to leave to a desert island, what would be the one item you would take along? The eternal question without answear finally found one: the hand-warming, flashlight, phone-charger, all wrapped into one. This latest invention is as usefull and worthy of your money as it sounds. With a clear, silver, aluminum shell, the magic tool is like a gift that keeps on giving. Wait and see. Firstly, it warms up in less then five minutes and reaches 104 degreeds. Therefore, no … continue reading

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Ollie Is A Phone-Controlled Smart Robot Addicted To Adrenaline

We’ve always dreamt about robots and all sorts of gadgets that some years ago were SciFi. Now, everything is possible, with the help of Orbotix, an industry leader who wants to define future through fun. Their aim is to create toys that can connect us to the future, fusing emerging technology with the latest innovations in robotics. Their newest toy is called Sphero Ollie, an amazing robot, with … continue reading

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Gibi Will Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog Again

Pets are our friends, our family. Losing them would be a tragedy and we would only blame ourselves for not taking good care of them. Not anymore! With the Gibi Pet Location you will permanently know where your pet is. Gibi Technologies recently launched the Pet GPS Location Service, helping pet-parents protect their beloved companions. Gibi Pet Locator is a waterproof, sleek, fashionable … continue reading

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Flic Is A Wireless Smart Button For Your Smartphone

f you find yourself wondering what difference a simple touch could make… well, you should know that sometimes it may put your world into a whole new order! But only if we’re talking about Flic, a tiny magnetic button that has the amazing ability of controlling an endless series of smartphone functions which are engaged by a simple tap. This wireless smart button, is made from long lasting materials which actually provide it dust and weather resistance, so … continue reading

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Lantern Enables Free, Unrestricted Access To The Internet

Presenting unprecedented features and particularly aiming towards those of us who can’t benefit from the advantage of living in a free internet area, Lantern brings forth free access to the Internet anywhere in the world. As it’s not an easy task, it may seem quite hard to understand how an industrially designed device coming from Outernet, the most innovative information service ever created … continue reading

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Gift Guide: Best Gadgets of 2014

gadgetscover2 600x218 Gift Guide: Best Gadgets of 2014

2014 has been full of great inventions, from gadgets that enable you to connect your car to your smartphone to gadgets that help your plants grow. It’s December and thus, it’s the time to review all the great things that were created, and oh, boy: it has been quite a ride! But wait, before any kind of review, you must do some gift shopping! Here’s our stunning Best Gadgets of 2014 Gift Guide!

Shoot Fireballs From Your Open Palm With Pyro

Fire, one of mankind’s greatest creations, has always been a source of creation and destruction at the same time. Nobody can deny its power and the difficulty to control it! However, with PYRO – a device you can control this stubborn element and pretend you’re a superhero! What is PYRO? A neat “magic” device that allows you to shoot fireballs from your palm! Finally your childhood prayers have been answered, huh? (However, you must be aware … continue reading

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Add A Thermal Camera To Your Smartphone With Seek Thermal

If you’ve ever dreamt of seeing what is not easy to reach for the human eye, the unseen side of things, you’d be thrilled to find out that there’s nothing left uncovered by Seek, The Thermal Infrared camera. But don’t get too excited, you’ll only see a brighter side of things, which is the electromagnetic radiation that solid objects produce, a sort of light. Seek is a tiny attachment, measuring barely two inches across, that plugs directly into your mobile device’s charging port, … continue reading

$199 Buy
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