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Deadly Rivals Head to Head: Samsung vs Apple

We all know the big names from different industries. It doesn’t matter if we talk about Apple, Ferarri, Coca-Cola or Yamaha. Everybody knows that these giants make huge amounts of money from their products and services, but how many of us know how did they start? Even more important, wouldn’t you be curious to find out whom are their main competitors? Check out this new series of Deadly Rivals Head to Head, brought to you by HisPotion!

Bruno Is The World’s First Smart Vacuum Trash Can

You’ve got to hate that fine line of dust that never goes into the dust pan while you are brooming. It gets thinner and thinner, but it never actually disappears. Also, the need to constantly bend over and broom your way through the house can get really uncomfortable for your back, producing pains that might last on the long run. Still, if you manage to fill the dust pan with all the debris, what do you do if you’re out of trash bags? … continue reading

$159 Buy

H2PRO Waterproof iPhone 6 Case And Battery

We gotta face it: iPhones are great when it comes to multimedia activities you can perform on them, but every single photo, swipe or mp3 sucks the battery dry. Turn on the wi-fi and you probably will have to run for the charger after a few hours of use. You can’t replace the battery on your own as iPhones are designed in such way that they won’t allow such a replacement. So, what is there to be done? The H2PRO case promises to … continue reading

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Print Your Photos Instantly With Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer

Photos last a life time! Nowadays it’s easy to store them into your mobile phone, tablet, laptop… but nothing beats the feeling of looking into a photo album in search of old memories and friendly faces. Holding a photo in your hands is far more personal than holding your tablet! But nowadays even photo cameras are digital, so who develops pictures anymore! Oh, yes, we have special printers, but they are not so user-friendly… until now! The photo-geniuses from Polaroid will launch on … continue reading

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3DR Solo Smart Drone

Can someone reveal before my eyes the one who has never dreamt of flying? I ask, because I can imagine there is no more than one sole sad soul. The problem with Icarus was he got his self made wings of some questionable legitimacy of truth and usefulness. What we got here for you, instead, is a cool drone to listen by your commands, when you feel like exploring the vastness of the blue wild yonder. Someone might say it is not you … continue reading

$1,000 Buy

Carlock Is The Cloud Security System For Your Car

Worried that your car isn’t safe enough in the neighborhood you live in, or that a standard alarm won’t be enough? Carlock provides a great solution to this concerning issues, by providing a vehicle security system which will exponentially increase the safety of your car in case of break-in, theft. It will even help you find it in a crowded parking lot. So, how does it work? The system is made out of three elements: there is the Carlock OBD device that is … continue reading

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Tzoa Is A Wearable Air Quality Sensor

In a world suffocated by air pollution it’s pretty important to know your environment. Just imagine how would your life change if you knew how your environment is affecting you! Thus, an Enviro-Tracker becomes pretty useful in improving the quality of your life. TZOA (pronounced “zoa”) is the most advanced Enviro-Tracker. It uses special internal sensors to measure temperature, humidity, air quality, atmospheric pressure, UV exposure … continue reading

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Poppy Pour-Over Is A Beautiful, iPhone Controlled Coffee Machine

Since we want our coffee done as quickly and tasty as possible, we done expect little work with great results. Might not sound as a possible scenario, but Poppy Pour-Over machine seems to do just that. This little robot created by Quirky doesn’t only prepare a great cup of coffee for you. It allows you to customize your coffee.. from your iPhone! As long as you got an internet connection and the app installed, you can ask Poppy Pour-Over to get a cup … continue reading

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