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Desktop Neo Is Redesigned For Productivity

Revitalize, Don’t Reshuffle First of all, I want to say I am really grateful for finally getting to write my thoughts about Desktop Neo. So thanks for allowing me to appreciate on paper something I’ve been watching for a long time. Second of all, Desktop Neo is still just a “conceptual desktop operating system” which means there is still … continue reading

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Tech Guide: Asus ROG G752VT-DH72

Welcome To Republic Of Gamers The latest Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) is this quarter’s best newcomer of this gaming laptops sector. This series by Asus is long known for being the high end option for a gaming notebook. The version they came up with last year, albeit from having major designing issues was probably the best of the year. … continue reading

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Teslasuit Lets You Feel Virtual Reality

So far, we’ve got vibration consoles, gesture mimicking joysticks and movement analysis cameras such as Kinect. With such tools, the gamer is able to better control in-game characteristics; it’s way more fun to play golf using a Wii console rather than a keyboard and mouse. However, little to no feedback is received for the amount of input pushed towards the game. … continue reading

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Pimp Out Your Lego With These Rims

LEGO, something we grew to know and love since our toddler years, is one of human’s greatest inventions. These timeless pieces of plastic allow us to materialize our visions into real life models. The problem is how to make your model a work of art and not “just another LEGO”. The problem of course lies within the very generic parts available out of the … continue reading

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Tech Guide: Asus GTX 950 Strix OC Edition

The GTX 950 Strix Edition – Not Cheap, But Price-Smart Nvidia GTX 950 is a very good, reliable yet price decent graphics card. The latest additions brought by Asus should meet any requirements of a high-end video game, thus allowing you enjoy them fully. It’s based on the Nvidia’s Maxwell core, which is still capable. I know, some will say … continue reading

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Leica Q Camera – The New Beauty In Town

A Handheld Miracle What I like the most about Leica Q camera is the portability. I mean, the availability, the fact that you can have your most precious memories shot and immortalized with such great quality without having to carry all that equipment around. This is where the miracle of technology got us at. Also, the aspect of the camera … continue reading

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RBmG 01 Rubber Band Machine Gun

Get Some Fun Spending a day at the office could prove to be a challenge in itself even when the day is busy. But when you get one of those days when nothing much happens, situation might become desperate. Every office which respects itself is always prepared for one of these set ups. Everyone’s got tournaments of paper throwing, some … continue reading

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Phase One 100 MP Camera – Next Step Ahead

Play With The Best There Is Cool down, guys. Let’s take it step-by-step. What does a 100 MP camera mean ? Well, much more than what the name leaves for discovery. Because, when you admit such power actually exists, you surrender to the thought that this is the only thing that matters. Which is false. This 100 MP camera is … continue reading

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µPeek – A Microscope For Your Wallet

A Very Playful Combination I mean brilliance and fun. A microscope for your wallet, lads. This a very lethal cocktail for your boredom and an unique method to answer some of your childhood questions. UPeek is a very small, yet indeed professional microscope that you can fit inside your pocket and make use of it at anytime. You can personalize … continue reading

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Tech Guide: New Phone To Start The New Year?

A New Phone, A New Challenge The year of 2015 is over and the time has come for you to make a decision regarding the future of your pocket, or precisely, what will it contain. Let’s talk smartphones, guys. How about a compilation of the best models of the year 2015 that will most certainly remain competitive throughout the entire … continue reading

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