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Microsoft HoloLens Are The Most Advanced Holographic Computing Platform

Technology is all around us. We use it every day to make our lives easier and more organized. What we once considered science fiction seems mainstream today. But there are still things that can surprise us, that can take technology even further, beyond out ways of understanding. The Microsoft HoloLens, the holographic goggles which change the way you see the world, transposing us into the world of holographs. Microsoft HoloLens offers new ways to visualize our work, new ways to … continue reading


Cicret Bracelet Turns Your Arm Into a Touchscreen

You always worry not to drop,scratch or break your tablet, have it stolen, forget it somewhere, or drop it in the water while taking a bath. Well, why not wear it on your hand making your skin the touchscreen or, better said, the touchskin? Thanks to the Cicret Bracelet features a pico projector and eight rows of proximity sensors which point towards the forearm. The device is activated with a twist of the wrist and it acts as a standalone device projecting an … continue reading

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Avegant Glyph. The VR Headset That Looks Like Headphones

When there are so many brands, models and designs for headphones, things can become a pain in the neck once you decide you want a new pair. Some people require a wireless headphone set, while others go for the bigger driver diameter. Some want their ears to keep comfy for long auditions. And then there’s some who want it all the above. Avegant seems to have come with a solution that not only provides a great sound quality, optional wireless connection and great, … continue reading

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The Vessyl Cup Figures Out What You’re Drinking

Since health magazines started flourishing we’ve been bombarded by the idea that the human body requires 2 liters of water each day; that’s about eight glasses. However, we can clearly tell that not two people are alike, thus we require different approaches when it comes to hydration, calories intake, fat burning and so on. What if a “wonder” cup could solve all these problems? That’s Vessyl. The cup had to look good on a table, and we think it succeed quite well. It holds … continue reading

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Breeze Breathalyzer Tells You When You’ll Be Sober Again

Drinking and driving is not the perfect combination at all. But since we are surrounded by technology, why not use it to our benefit? The Breeze Breathometer was designed to help you avoid driving under the influence of alcohol and get you safe back home. You simply launch the Breathometer app, power on the Breeze, blow for five seconds and find out in no time what your blood alcohol concentration level is. Besides this, depending on the results, the Breathometer app will also … continue reading

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3-in-1 Gadget. Hand-Warming, Flashlight & Charger

If you were to leave to a desert island, what would be the one item you would take along? The eternal question without answear finally found one: the hand-warming, flashlight, phone-charger, all wrapped into one. This latest invention is as usefull and worthy of your money as it sounds. With a clear, silver, aluminum shell, the magic tool is like a gift that keeps on giving. Wait and see. Firstly, it warms up in less then five minutes and reaches 104 degreeds. Therefore, no … continue reading

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Ollie Is A Phone-Controlled Smart Robot Addicted To Adrenaline

We’ve always dreamt about robots and all sorts of gadgets that some years ago were SciFi. Now, everything is possible, with the help of Orbotix, an industry leader who wants to define future through fun. Their aim is to create toys that can connect us to the future, fusing emerging technology with the latest innovations in robotics. Their newest toy is called Sphero Ollie, an amazing robot, with … continue reading

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Gibi Will Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog Again

Pets are our friends, our family. Losing them would be a tragedy and we would only blame ourselves for not taking good care of them. Not anymore! With the Gibi Pet Location you will permanently know where your pet is. Gibi Technologies recently launched the Pet GPS Location Service, helping pet-parents protect their beloved companions. Gibi Pet Locator is a waterproof, sleek, fashionable … continue reading

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