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Welcome To The New Music 2.0

Meet Basslet, The Portable Subwoofer Finally, you can literally feel the music. I like to call it Music 2.0, so I hope the preparedness you got matches this enhanced, improved music experience delivered by Basslet, the portable subwoofer. One might call it a wristband, and while it’s resembling the looks of a watch, it will amaze you like you’ve never … continue reading

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HTC Vive VR Headset

Augment Your Life With HTC Vive Available since June 2016, HTC Vive promises to ring you the best virtual reality experience available in our times, which is less than what we’ll find ten years from now, but is everything compared to a decade ago. Just imagine the implications this thing can have upon gaming, watching a movie or interacting with … continue reading

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Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy ACHOO! You sniff, irritated as you once again have to blow your nose, and use those frustrating nasal sprays to clear your pollen allergy. You think back on all the many times that you’ve had to stop what you’re doing, throw off your productiveness, just to sneeze. It can definitely make your blood boil, but more then that, … continue reading

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Vi Uses Artificial Intelligence To Coach You

Trains you like a robot When a personal trainer is out of your reach, money-wise, so far the only alternative was sourcing youtube videos and reading tons of articles on body training. While not a bad idea to get informed an save a few hundred bucks a month, results are definitely slower when there’s no one qualified to guide your … continue reading

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DAN A4-SFX: World’s Smallest Gaming Case

Small body, big heart No matter how well performing laptops are at the moment, it’s near impossible to match the output power of a high end tower computer unit. The truth is, mobile components are simply not as performance oriented as their bulkier counterparts. DAN Cases offers a compact alternative to large computer cases while preserving compatibility with high-end hardware. … continue reading

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PLUSBOOK Portable Heavy Duty MacBook Docking Station

Reliable MacBook Docking Station Macs are slim, boast a lightweight design and are pleasing to carry around. Combine that with some high performance components and you get a great office and multimedia machine. The price is great as well, but not in a good way. However, there are some hardware limitations that were imposed by Apple in order to obtain that … continue reading

$240 Buy

Tech Guide: Panasonic Lumix ZS100

Tons Of Enthusiasm In Slim Design For Lumix ZS100 If you like to travel a lot and want to avoid the compromise of giving up too much space in your luggage for your camera, but still need something powerful and high-end quality for pictures and filming, the Lumix ZS100 by Panasonic is quite the great match for you. It’s a … continue reading

$697 Buy

The Nowall CH-1 Earphones

High quality sound that will impress even the most sensible audiophile, but also wireless and all of it at half the price of a big brand like Sony or Bose? This can’t be true, or maybe it is? The Nowall CH-1 Earphones pretend to achieve this. Because they are wireless, you can listen to your favorite music while getting your … continue reading

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The BOx Smart Bottle Opener

So the warm weather is here and you want to be with your friends and have some cold beers, but you don’t always know when  your friends are actually drinking? With this new product you will know every time when one of your friends cracks open a bottle with the Smart Bottle Opener. Nobody should drink alone. BOx is a smart and … continue reading

$18 Buy

Melomind: The Ultimate Relaxation Headset

Modern world can be very stressful sometimes. Our lives are hectic and usually, lack proper time to relax. We get used to this way of life and soon enough we find it to be normal, but it is certainly not. Stress is not good for our body, neither for our mind. Just think how much more energy you would have if … continue reading

$87 Buy
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