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Tech Guide: OnePlus X

The first lite from OnePlus OnePlus X has become official for some time now. It is, as every time, shipped with Oxygen OS, a custom made version of Android, which is still unknown to many, but the delivery process should be already underway. Previously known as OnePlus Mini, the X version is rightfully called a lite version of OnePlus 2, … continue reading

$293 Buy

The Thing Your Pocket Has Been Missing – Walli Smart Wallet

Disrupting The Wallet We got a smart for everything these days. We live in the era of the smartphone, the smartwatch, the smart camera, smart TV? Does it ring a bell? We live dependently on these things, and that’s fine. We’re not becoming slaves of technology, we’re improving. I think it’s time for a new advancement in your life. Only this time, … continue reading

$79 Buy

Tech Guide: OnHub from Google

Experience better connectivity Google has expanded from a simple digitalized web-service allowing its users to search all around the www. to being both one of the greatest brands in the world right now and largest companies of the IT industry. Thy released more and more devices and gadgets, spreading all over the business, ranging from mobile phone industry or self-driving … continue reading

$199 Buy

Star Wars R2D2 x Fridge Mashup

There have been countless marketing campaigns promoting Star Wars material such as toy lightsabers, furry Chewbaccas and even full Storm Trooper suits. Even the small R2D2 caught quite some spotlight with his cute electronic squeaking. However, it is probably the first time ever the tiny droid got mixed up with a household appliance. Turning him basically into a beer droid, … continue reading

$8,000 Buy

Take a Spin on the OneWheel Electric Boardsport

Future is here now Boys will be boys no matter what, you always keep hearing them saying this. But why should we exclude men from the real fun ? I mean, look at Onewheel, the very first device allowing you to roam the streets at night, giving you the chance to make every ride feel special. It is self-balancing, using inertial … continue reading

$1.499 Buy

Love Beer? Check Out The MiniBrew Beer Maker

To brew or not to brew? Brewing beverages has been a constant occupation for men since the earliest of days. Sure, in the beginning brewing was limited to medicinal herbs thought to alleviate pain, but this all changed when people discovered beer. Or it might have been tea, but you know how they say it, the greatest stories never start … continue reading

$1.950 Buy

Campfire Grill

Time for a week-end out of town. Ideas ? Campfires. Yeah, folks, we’re talking about those times when you and your friends go out, exploring the true wilderness of our mother nature. It’s all there in you, don’t look too far, the images, the laughs, the light, the heat, the warmth, we all like it, it’s normal, even if you … continue reading

$16.99 Buy

10 Gadgets You’re Hoping You’ll Get For Christmas

Holiday season might be swiftly approaching, but whether you’re on the go, in your office or at home, tech gadgets can introduce great time-saving advantages into your day, as well as make life easier. Now, there are tons of cool gadgets for men out there and with all of the new technology coming out nowadays it can be tough to … continue reading

Paintball Machine Gun

Paintball is not a kid’s business, paintball is for men. Taking that tactical advantage to the next level, make use of the harsh conditions in your advantage, capturing the flag, eliminating your opponents and claiming the victory. Paintball is not a joke, not your usual sports or way to spend the free time. Paintball is something you plan your whole next week around of, giving you the special thrill you need to see the work days through. You dream of becoming a master of it, don’t lie, being titled the pow-pow king of your group is a desirable objective.

$4.999 Buy

Got a Light? Pull Out a Pocket Torch

Compact and easy to understand. This is how the missing link in our evolution should be researched at in a perfect world. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, but it has got this one thing done right, the perfectly portable and utility-filled torch, which you can carry in your pocket, use it to light the oven or a campfire, giving life to a superfine centralized flame. The way it works makes it undisposable: you take one piece of a disposable lighter, put it in and watch it work its magic. The lighter’s lifespan becomes greatly increased by 60% if used wit SOTO’s Pocket Torch, codenamed PT-14SB.

$18.13 Buy
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