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Exploride Converts Vehicles Into Smart Cars

Talking about smart cars feels pretty ambiguous today. It has become quite difficult to understand what does a car have to be or what has to do in order to be “smart”. Can we have regular vehicles and make them smarter? Exploride says this is definitely possible, and for a small price actually. Started as a crowdfunding project on IndieGoGo, Exploride aims to offer some of the “smart” functions on an everyday vehicle, without any major changes done to the actual car. So, how does this miracle … continue reading

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Catalyst Waterproof Case For Apple Watch

Apple Watch became a literally overnight success, with lots of people emptying Apple Stores all over the world, for this product. However, as in the case of every new iPhone, it didn’t take long for the first broken Apple watches to appear. We are clumsy sometimes and jump into a water pool under the influence, without realizing that there’s a gadget attached to one of our wrists. And electronic components don’t do well facing water. Catalyst offers a full waterproof case for Apple Watch; the first of … continue reading

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Nokero Is The World’s Brightest Solar Light

Have you ever found yourself lacking proper light when taking care of a job ? Be it outside, for example, when camping, at night, or when stuck with the car in the middle of nowhere or inside, while running down some chores. Nokero is on the way with the help you need, their W100 solar light lamp is a powerful tool to match the words. Weatherproof, it can be mounted on the side of a building, a fence, a pole, the side of your car etc. The … continue reading

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Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Microsoft came up with the big idea to link all Android, Apple and Windows devices with a keyboard, accessible to every user, like me, that has issues with writing on a touch pad at several hours long sessions three or four times a week. It is a ultra-thin piece of technology, only 5mm thick can be easily hidden inside of a purse, bag or, who knows, even a pocket. The foldable design is innovative yet very simple. Bluetooth 4.0 takes care of the connectivity side of the … continue reading

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Lumos Is The Next Generation Bicycle Helmet

Admit it; you are sometimes not providing enough attention to bicycle riders when you’re cruising in your car. It may be that you’re tired, having to deal with less disciplined drivers, or, you can’t simply see these guys rolling on two wheels. Lumos is here to solve the problem, by adding automobile-like features into a basic bicycle helmet. Lumos starts from the design of a safety helmet and then adds features making you more visible into traffic, especially at night. A set of integrated lights are implemented on … continue reading

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Charge Smartphones Free With Solar Paper

It is the start of an end we might say; and we are talking about fossil fuels. Although the change is not abrupt at all, we are witnessing the transition towards solar energy usage along with other types of alternative energy. Although there are only a few cars that actually run solely on electric power, gadgets are in the number of billions. Solar Paper aims to be the lightest and fastest solar charger there is. According to producers, it is so light, it fits inside a note … continue reading

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BatteryBox Holds More Juice For Your Gadgets

There is never enough power to supply our electrical energy demands. There is always a laptop that needs charging, or a phone, or a tablet. What’s worse is that most of the time, power outlets seem to vanish like water in the desert, right when you need one the most. BatteryBox acts exactly like a power supply and rests small enough to be carried around without too much hassle. BatteryBox comes with a special charging cable for MacBooks and a USB port used to charge any other … continue reading

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UO Projector Rests Small But Delivers HD Quality

Usually, when looking for a compact, or even more, a little video projector, you usually get to see a pico. Although it is basically a minimized version of a full sized projector, it doesn’t even by far provide the same image quality and efficiency. UO might just have sorted out this problem by offering an image projecting gadget that’s small but, despite its size, delivers HD projections. Unlike other pico projectors that use dim LEDs to provide and image, UO uses a laser diode that drives the … continue reading

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