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BatteryBox Holds More Juice For Your Gadgets

There is never enough power to supply our electrical energy demands. There is always a laptop that needs charging, or a phone, or a tablet. What’s worse is that most of the time, power outlets seem to vanish like water in the desert, right when you need one the most. BatteryBox acts exactly like a power supply and rests small enough to be carried around without too much hassle. BatteryBox comes with a special charging cable for MacBooks and a USB port used … continue reading

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UO Projector Rests Small But Delivers HD Quality

Usually, when looking for a compact, or even more, a little video projector, you usually get to see a pico. Although it is basically a minimized version of a full sized projector, it doesn’t even by far provide the same image quality and efficiency. UO might just have sorted out this problem by offering an image projecting gadget that’s small but, despite its size, delivers HD projections. Unlike other pico projectors that use dim LEDs to provide and image, UO uses a laser … continue reading

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Batteriser. The $2.5 Device That Boosts Batteries By 800 Percent

Bateriser is a clever concept we found on our desks today. These guys from a company called Batteroo make us the irresistible proposal of extending the life span of the simple AA, AAA, C & D batteries, thus saving us a lot of time spent recharing them or buying new ones. So the whole idea is that Bateriser makes a complete overhaul in managing the capacity of a battery, using some delivery mechanism device made of thin stainless steel. You can have that … continue reading

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IsoCase Is Not A New Apple Product, But A New Kind Of Case

Ever considered Transformers morphing out of smartphones instead of cars? Okay, maybe not the best idea for Michael Bay to put out on film, but there is definitely room for improvement. IsoCase is an IndieGoGo promoted project which has the purpose of solving two of the most persistent smartphone issues: battery life and damage resistance. Apart from that, users will also benefit from a larger IPS screen with FullHD (Retina-like) display. It works by converting your smartphone into a tablet; one that is … continue reading

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Solartab Is A Solar Charger for Smartphones and Tablets

Solartab, a kickstatrer project that made it through, to see the light of day, is the newest innovation in the matter of renewable energy used to keep your phone, tablet or any other gadget you use up an running. Featuring a pretty simple yet cute design, the charger is thought to store energy inside a built-in battery (capacity listed as around of 13.000 mAh) of its own and give it back to you should you need it, either day or night. The cover … continue reading

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SanDisk Ultra Fit. World’s Smallest USB Flash Drive

SanDisk just rolled out the world’s smallest memory stick flash drive with USB 3.0. The Ultra Fit is available with various storage sizes like 16 Gb, 32 Gb, 64 Gb and 128 Gb and measures 0.75 x 0.63 x 0.35-inches (19.1 x 15.9 x 8.8 mm). It’s so small you don’t even need to remove it from your laptop while travelling, and you can always keep it there as extra storage. It offers data transfer speeds of up to 130 Mb/second and you … continue reading

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Deadly Rivals Head to Head: Samsung vs Apple

We all know the big names from different industries. It doesn’t matter if we talk about Apple, Ferarri, Coca-Cola or Yamaha. Everybody knows that these giants make huge amounts of money from their products and services, but how many of us know how did they start? Even more important, wouldn’t you be curious to find out whom are their main competitors? Check out this new series of Deadly Rivals Head to Head, brought to you by HisPotion!

Bruno Is The World’s First Smart Vacuum Trash Can

You’ve got to hate that fine line of dust that never goes into the dust pan while you are brooming. It gets thinner and thinner, but it never actually disappears. Also, the need to constantly bend over and broom your way through the house can get really uncomfortable for your back, producing pains that might last on the long run. Still, if you manage to fill the dust pan with all the debris, what do you do if you’re out of trash bags? … continue reading

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