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3 Gadgets To Help You Workout

Blood pumping, sweat rushing down your face, muscles tense and every bit of focus aimed towards pushing that last rep on running the last quarter mile. In short, workout changes a person, and creates heightened focus levels which you wouldn’t otherwise think you’re capable of. And believe me, this is no new-age marketing line; working out turns a person into … continue reading

Apple Cases By Billionaires Boys Club x Casetify

Raw Originality, A Way To Express Yourself The case of your phone is a very important aspect. Because in most of the situations, the case is the first thing someone sees when looking at your phone. You can always leave trails about who you are, about your personality, when choosing the case of the smartphone. Some like it matte, others … continue reading

$40 Buy

Hover Camera Drone Follows You Everywhere

Knowing Me, Knowing You Zero Zero Robotic is a Beijing based startup company who wants to release a device capable of flying, folding and following. So we talk about a drone, portable and always with you on the go. Very few other devices are able to do that: be so low profile and have a follow me feature. Hover Camera … continue reading

$600 Buy

The Pagalli Project Smart Wallet

The History Behind The Pagalli Project is here to present the real smart wallet. Vincente Pagalli was an Italian adventurer and entrepreneur. He had a genuine passion to define excellence in leather accessories field. Beautiful and functional were the words best describing his work. Now, the Pagalli Project wants, with the best materials at disposal, to create a wallet able … continue reading

$19 Buy

Tech Guide: Noria Air Conditioner, Stay Cool

The First Smart Air Conditionig System Noria is the first window air conditioning device designed, thought and materialized with the person using it, you, in mind. Let’s make this one thing clear, this air conditioner is different, and not only in design, from what we’re used to seeing. It’s because Noria is easy to install, it’s lightweight, has a smart … continue reading

$400 Buy

Pavlok Shock Clock: Everyday Wake Up Is A Shocker

A Complete Overhaul For The Wake Up Process Having to wake up every morning with the same alarm song is not only disastrous for your morning mood, resulting in people saying they are not “morning persons” but monotonous and soon fruitless. We all know the drill. Set the alarm, go to sleep, snooze, snooze, wake up to turn the alarm … continue reading

$99 Buy

Tech Guide: Welcome To JBL Flip 3

The JBL Flip 3, The Finale Of An Intriguing Trilogy Blasting a party is a job divided in three: the tunes, the guy doing it and the speakers. If you’re looking to fast-forward your way into taking care of them all, we present to you the JBL Flip 3. It’s a nice Bluetooth speaker, you can take it with you … continue reading

$99 Buy

Lowepro DroneGuard Backpack

Having a piece of equipment like a drone means that you need to have good quality backpack to carry it in. In recent times drones and quadcopters have gotten much more accessible to the public and anyone interested in aerial photography and video can buy one and use it to make amazing things. This means that new challenges arise and … continue reading

$249.95 Buy

Tmouse: World’s first deformable mouse

For all the people that like using the computer mouse and spend a lot of time with it, whether for work or for fun, it can be troublesome for your muscles and cause back pain. Using a mouse involves you in moving your body in the same way over a long period of time and using the same muscles over … continue reading

$49 Buy

One Awesome iPhone 6 Fiber Case

Lightweight, Strong, Flexible – In One Word, Perfect If you’re owning an iPhone 6, you know how important it is to protect it. This means time and money invested, and still, many users, even though they did their best, couldn’t protect their terminals. In return, this means more money and more time spent for recovering, replacements or others. Now, if … continue reading

$50 Buy
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