We’ve always dreamt about robots and all sorts of gadgets that some years ago were SciFi. Now, everything is possible, with the help of Orbotix, an industry leader who wants to define future through fun. Their aim is to create toys that can connect us to the future, fusing emerging technology with the latest innovations in robotics.

[adsense300gray]Their newest toy is called Sphero Ollie, an amazing robot, with a high speed RC device, that can be controlled via your phone or tablet. Ollie can do what your dream robot could: he can spin, flip and do tricks. Don’t be afraid to put Ollie in difficult situations, he has a strong and durable polycarbonate shell, so playing with it in various places won’t be a problem. Also, thanks to its interesting design, can conquer any play ground; plus, having a cylindrical and customizable design, it’s the perfect partner for your outdoor activities.

So how does Ollie work?

All you need to do is to connect it with your IOS, Android or Windows device, using its Bluetooth device that can cover up to 30 meters range.

Let’s sum up the most important features of this great robot:

• It has Led lights, so you can play with it during the day or night
• You can play with it for about 60 minutes after a full recharge
• Compatible with iOS and Android devices
• Top Speed – 14 mph
• It comes with drift wheels and grip tires