Bateriser is a clever concept we found on our desks today. These guys from a company called Batteroo make us the irresistible proposal of extending the life span of the simple AA, AAA, C & D batteries, thus saving us a lot of time spent recharing them or buying new ones. So the whole idea is that Bateriser makes a complete overhaul in managing the capacity of a battery, using some delivery mechanism device made of thin stainless steel. You can have that put inside the socket attached to the battery, as it takes less enough space to neatly fit in there, being no more than 0.1mm in thickness.


They sell the thought that you can have them prolonged for 8 times the usual, arguing that a 1.5V newly bought one has its job ended at somewhere around 1.3V mark. So while it’s quite simple to comprehend, I found it hard to believe, but as I searched around they seem to have their results where their mouths are. So using the rest 80% that gets left behind has become a possibility. It can be reused over and over again, taking no time to recharge all while using no chemicals. You can give it a try on a „used” battery and see it for yourself. It’s safe, compatible, travel ready and very simple to use. It might sound like some conspiracy to some of you, in the regard of asking yourselves why doesn’t the battery function like this normally, but think that not so long a time before, so did everyone thought about other things that we use day to day thinking they were here since the beginning of time. These little thingies might be one of them in the future, not so long from now, so give them a try, they might prove worthy of the investition.