Spending more than about five minutes on the internet these days can seriously damage your wallet. Practically every day, some new and amazing thing is released which is so amazingly cool that you’ve absolutely got to have it right now, and you can, because credit cards exist, right? Well, that’s indicative of a seriously immature attitude towards personal finance, and it could get you into a lot of trouble. So after you’ve read this post describing four more fantastic things, make sure you switch the computer off and go out for a walk or something.

1. MWE Labs Emperor 1510

[icon_text color=”gray” type=”icon_tab”]$5,950[/icon_text] [icon_text color=”blue” type=”icon_shop”]Buy[/icon_text]

This bizarre creation is effectively a chair that moves about, with a place to plug in your laptop or console, and some screens – but look at it! MWE say the Emperor offers „quasi-total immersion”, which sounds nice, but if you ever have trouble putting the controller down when you’re playing Halo and it’s time for bed, this is not going to help. Watching sports on it will be completely amazing. Sit back, check out betting sports regular sharp report, place your bet and let the games begin…

2. Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer

[icon_text color=”gray” type=”icon_tab”]$50[/icon_text] [icon_text color=”blue” type=”icon_shop”]Buy[/icon_text]

So, you’ve been up for three days straight playing GTA V on your Emperor. You look in the mirror and notice a burgeoning resemblance to Tom Hanks in Cast Away. It’s time for a shave, but that’ll involve cleaning all the bits of hair out of the sink, and who can be bothered with that? You, sir, are in need of the Philips Vacuum Trimmer. In layman’s terms, it sucks up all the hair. You have to empty it at some point, presumably. The LED screen makes it look a bit Star Wars as well.


3. Turtleback Trailer

[icon_text color=”gray” type=”icon_tab”]$10,995[/icon_text] [icon_text color=”blue” type=”icon_shop”]Buy[/icon_text]

There’s no point buying an off-road vehicle and attaching a non-off-road trailer to the back. You’ll arrive in the wilderness with an empty space, where you expected a container full of barbeque equipment, meat and tents. The standard 4′ x 6′ Turtleback model comes with a propane tank, electric brakes and a 42 gallon water tank, as well as a slide-out kitchen and a 2-burner stove. Add the optional rooftop tent and you need never go home.

4. Mophie Space Pack

[icon_text color=”gray” type=”icon_tab”]$149[/icon_text] [icon_text color=”blue” type=”icon_shop”]Buy[/icon_text]

iPhone 5/5S users who need more storage space and battery life – which is all of them – will love this. It’s a case with up to 64GB of space and it can double your battery life; ideal for when you get stuck in Death Valley with your Turtleback. It doesn’t do a lot for the sleek lines of the iPhone, but it’s not as bulky as you’d imagine.