It’s hard to keep up with the latest technology when you’re strapped for cash, but there are plenty of smart ways to afford the latest gadgets.

Technology is always evolving and improving, which means new models are released all the time that gadget lovers have to get their hands on straight away, even if they were perfectly happy with the previous model. As technology goes out of date so quickly, you can always find great second-hand gadgets to buy which is perfect if you’re satisfied with having the second-newest model instead of the latest. You can buy second-hand Macs directly from Apple, or look for other second-hand technology on

If you don’t want second-hand gadgets, you could get a 0% interest credit card to buy yourself the latest gadget. If you pay back the money before the 0% interest deal finishes, then you won’t be out of pocket. You can use an online comparison tool like the one on to find loans and credit cards with the lowest interest rates.

For avid technology enthusiasts, trading in your old gadgets in part-exchange for new ones is a great idea. You can get rid of old gadgets you don’t use any more and use them to get new stuff. Anyone that plays video games should check out Game, where you can trade in consoles and games.

[adsense300gray]Some technology stores allow customers to buy on finance, which means you’ll get your gadget straight away and pay for it in instalments over several months. You can buy computers on finance from Apple and Dawsons who sell music equipment. If it’s a new smart phone you’re after, get the latest model on contact and then upgrade free of charge when the next model comes out.

If you thought you couldn’t afford the latest gadgets before, hopefully now you’ll realise that there are loads of options to help you buy the gadget you want, whether you get a credit card, buy on finance, buy second-hand or trade in your old gadgets.

It’s also worth mentioning that anyone who is self-employed might be able to claim back their gadget purchases, like laptops and smart phones, against your tax if you use them for working purposes.