When there are so many brands, models and designs for headphones, things can become a pain in the neck once you decide you want a new pair. Some people require a wireless headphone set, while others go for the bigger driver diameter. Some want their ears to keep comfy for long auditions. And then there’s some who want it all the above.

Avegant seems to have come with a solution that not only provides a great sound quality, optional wireless connection and great, comfortable ear pads. The Glyph as it was named, will immerse the user in a full audio and video experience within the same device. Just flip the headphones so that the overhead strap gets on your eyes.

[adsense300gray]The Avegant Glyph comes with a micro-mirror array and Virtual Retinal Display, which in short words, is crystal clear. The Virtual Retinal Display uses the back of the user’s eyes as a projection screen, so the image is clear, vivid and sharp. The micro-mirror array is able to provide 720p imagery for each eye, while producers hope to be able to provide 1080p or even 4K anytime soon.

Some might be worried that having a screen so close to their eyes might be dangerous; however, producer reassure that the light is obtained from low powered LEDs that have no negative effect on the eyeballs.

A great breakthrough worth mentioning is the ability of connecting the Glyph headphones to any multimedia device. It can render audio and video streams from smartphones, consoles, music players.

The battery holds up to 4 hours when in video mode and up to 12 hours when listening to music. On top of this, it takes less than 3 hours to fully recharge; the Glyph can be used also while recharging.