Airtame is the best gift for Christmas a geek could ever receive. I mean, really. This is maybe the most beautiful HDMI dongle in the whole wide world. And if you don’t know what HDMI is, stop reading now and take a look at the pretty pictures. For those of you who are grinning, keep reading! Well, the „new and improved” Airtame is actually a complete redesign of the old wireless HDMI dongle from the Danish company, combining sexy looks with open source and power performance, for the ultimate in wireless technology. What Airtame does is to connect your PC/Laptop with your TV screen/Projector wirelessly. Every person I know hates cables and weird looking¬†connectors, they can be nightmares, just like finding a plumber on weekends is.

[adsense300gray]So, if you want to avoid these unpleasant situations, Airtame is what you need. Just plug it into your TV’s/Projector’s/Monitor’s HDMI port and feed it with power via the USB cable, install the Airtame app on your PC/laptop, configure it/set the password etc, sit back and enjoy the live stream. That’s all folks, my grandmother can do that. With this dongle, you can duplicate your screen, extend your desktop, use multiple screens, stream presentations, do whatever you like, without cables. It works with smartphones, tablets, on Windows, Mac, Linux, you name it, on full HD 1080p resolutions, and supports hardware encoding. It communicates with your PC/laptop via Wi-Fi, so it works on pretty much anything.

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