[adsense300gray]One of the most innovative devices that comes around this year is the Body Dryer, a system that does exactly what you probably suspect: it dries your body after you come out of the shower. With this, you can say your good-byes to the regular towels, as this baby is said to dry your marvelous body in less than 30 seconds. It’s also safe and bacteria free, unlike your bath towels, which normally gather and grow germs after being used for several times. I know that those bacteria I’m talking about aren’t really such big issues, but this system is simply more elegant and leaves your body nice and fresh, better than if you would’ve used a towel.

The Body Dryer offers two temperature settings, you can either opt for hot or cold air, yet I’m not sure if I would prefer to be surrounded by cold air after I get my nice butt out of the shower, but who knows? Maybe it’s pleasant and I don’t know what I’m missing. For more info about it, check it out on indiegogo, where it’s currently being promoted.

The Body Dryer 2

Body Dryer from Evan Soloff on Vimeo.


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