[adsense300gray]Here comes Coin, the one card to rule them all. I know, it sounds dubious, how can you say that the Coin is a card to rule all cards? Well, it’s not my fault, I didn’t came up with the name. Nevertheless, this is actually a pretty cool gadget, I can relate with the hype around it. What does it do, how does it work? Well, simply brilliant. I bet you hate the fact that you have to carry around all sorts of credit/debit cards in your wallet. Well, with the Coin, carrying more than one credit card around is a thing of the past. What this gadget does is putting all your digital money and data in only one card. Simple and elegant.  Coin looks like a regular credit card, you can swipe it, just like any other card, you can use it to pay for anything, it contains the same data as your credit card, I think you got the general idea. It comes with a button, when you press it will let you choose what card you’ll be using and that’s it. In the package you’ll also get a plastic device that attaches to your smartphone, which is used along with a dedicated app to load your regular credit card info into it. And that’s about all.

If you leave your Coin behind, by mistake, it will send you an SMS, because it uses a Bluetooth signal and knows when it’s too far from your smartphone, it basically screams for help.

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