What do you want after a hard day? What is more invigorating and relaxing that a good sleep? However, sometimes, the Sandman doesn’t always come when needed! But have no fear! S+ is here to help improve your sleep by delivering personalized feedback and even suggestions.

[adsense300gray]What is it? Well, it’s a sleep system designed for home use. It consists of: the unit, the Mentor (a cloud-hosted system that provides tailored feedback on improving your sleep) and the S+ mobile app. What is super cool about this gadget and makes it different from others of its type is that it doesn’t require any contact. Nothing will interfere with your sleep! So, wristbands, mattress strips and electrodes are now history! Also, it’s very silent!

This gadget will not only provide you daily customized feedback about your sleep and suggestions, but it will also include some user-friendly tools which will allow you to analyze your sleep data, and properly understand the way you sleep. This toolkit will help you understand short-term sleep concerns and longer-term trends by offering a series of options to see how your sleep evolves.

The S+ system is designed to distinguish between two people sharing a bed and clever enough to measure the parameters of only the person who is closest!

You must take notice that this is not a medical device: it only provides information regarding your sleep and how you can improve it! While it poses no medical risk, the S+ system may deliver erroneous results if used by people with Restless Leg Syndrome or those who have children or pets that sleep in their beds. Also, this system is not suitable for monitoring children’s sleep.

S+ is compatible with various smartphones and iPads. It comes with te S+ pod and a frame for holding the pod on your nightstand; gradual power supply unit and power cable; a user manual and quick start guide.