Can someone reveal before my eyes the one who has never dreamt of flying? I ask, because I can imagine there is no more than one sole sad soul. The problem with Icarus was he got his self made wings of some questionable legitimacy of truth and usefulness. What we got here for you, instead, is a cool drone to listen by your commands, when you feel like exploring the vastness of the blue wild yonder. Someone might say it is not you who’s flying, but that would be nothing more than a lie. You are exactly where your eyes lie on the road, and where your imagination craves to be. I am sure I got your attention, so what else it is that you need ? I know the exact answer to that: the new generation breakthrough model of a drone from 3DR, the solo smart drone.


And since the next purchase of a drone might be the first one as well, no harm would be in making a bold appearance on the roof of your neighbourhood. The model I am presenting you here gives you all the functionality of an intricate quadcopter, all way easier to understand and manuever – it’s like flying off from an xbox controller. Taking off and landing are just a push of a button away. You can save all the images captured by this beauty on its trips to remember them for later. You can also orbit around an object, just like the Moon does for our planet Earth, always loyal. Just have your make-believe on board and try it for yourself. It is all happeing so smooth, it will leave you to the impression of a reality-mode video game.