It seems to us that in the last couple of years the market of item tracking devices has slowly but surely gained some interesting new additions and even though there’s only so much that such a device can do, the start-up companies creating them haven’t gone out of ideas for fun features just yet.

Today we’re showing you the TrackR bravo – a small, elegant item tracker, which its creators have marketed as the thinnest device of its kind ever designed. The concept of the TrackR has been molded since the founders of the company were still in college and the hard work and devotion has finally paid off, raising over $700,000 with their Indiegogo campaign.

What makes this particular tracker stand out is its sleek design, customizable app and the Two-Way Technology, which allows the user to find his or her phone by using the TrackR. The product is made out of a type of metal used in making MacBooks Pro and it comes in four different colors called Black, Gold, Steel and Sky, which are applied through a metal anodization process in order to maintain that smooth finish. The back can be laser etched to display your name, phone number or even a short sentence if you’re giving the TrackR as a gift.

[adsense300gray]The item can be attached anywhere from your laptop to your bag or keys, or even your pet’s collar, provided that you purchase the accessories which will ensure that the tracker won’t be damaged or lost. Aside from stickers (used for various surfaces) and a durable key loop, it also comes with a waterproof casing and a special collar attachment, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally getting it wet.

The Two-Way feature helps you in those troubled times when you can’t find your phone and you only need to press the TrackR and your phone will ring, even when it’s on silent mode. The device has a 100 ft range and the distance between you and your lost item will be displayed as a radar icon to let you know if you’re getting closer or further away. The Crowd GPS network allows other users of the device to track down your missing item if they come within 100 ft of it and you will be update via text on the item’s latest location.

You know we wouldn’t recommend a product if it didn’t look good and this one is indeed the prettiest tracking device we have ever come across. Go get your perks, you can thank us later!


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